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*sigh* 360 fanboys really are sad. -_-

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not moving units well enough since the gap is now down to 3 million. with gt5, lbp2, kz3 and me2 this holiday season plus a new ps3 model i'm sure the 360 will be in last place real soon.

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it told us that move can do hardcore games unlike kinect.

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where did they say it is mandatory? if you look up motion controls and 3d in games you would know they aren't expensive or take long to add to games. it took zipper 2 days to add move support to soccom 4 and gg already said 3d isn't hard to do.

edit: unspoken mandatory? so basically they decided to do it. come on man lets not make things up.

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everything has to start somewhere. why is it that people can't get that through their thick skulls?

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so much for insomniac going multiplat. i guess that multiplat deal was just to get more money to make more ps3 exclusive games.

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if it isn't on the ps3 it is exclusive(even if it is on other platforms) but if it then is announced for the ps3 then it was never exclusive to make it seem like it isn't a big deal. basically the 360 fanboys will flip flop just to make whatever they want to belive true.

ex. odst was announced for $30 dollars with a short campaign and recycled multiplayer. the 360 fanboys said it was just an expansion. then when it was raised to $60 dollars they said was a full game...

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who cares you 360 fanboys and the media already told us me2 is better plus this means we will be getting are hands on me3 too. no matter how hard you guys try to hide your tears we all now this was a kick in the nuts just let it go.

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me2 is coming to ps3
kz3 multiplayer details
r3 announced

those all sound like megatons to me. so why are you mad he his stating facts?

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no it doesn't. bioware even said you didn't need the first to enjoy the second one.

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lmao bubbles Letros.

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funny how 360 fanboys like to ignore that like it never happened. also they did the same thing with ff13. i guess the lost of their best game is really getting to them.

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exactly. why buy a 360 now that it lost me2 and bungie. it is only a matter of time till gears is also on the ps3.

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people didn't make a big deal out of losing half the content in their games(that they paid full price for) when they stopped paying for LIVE so why is it a problem now? you're paying for access to this content just like you pay for access to play on LIVE. the only thing here is if you stop paying your gaming experience isnt ruined like it is if you don't have LIVE. let's not make this into a bigger thing then it really is people when there has been something worst going on for...

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of course they played reach. they need to know what kind of talent bungie has so that when they collaborate on a ps3 exclusive they know what they can do.

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ps3 owners have been saying these are not exclusives because they are on the pc and 360 along with other games for years now. now that there is a chance they might end up on the ps3 they aren't exclusives anymore? you 360 fanboys are a pathetic group of people.

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i think you joining today going to every ps3 article and doing nothing but trolling makes you the biggest tool around.

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with every video/info released of gt5 turn 10 dies a little more inside.

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you cared enough to come into an article about it.

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oh please you 360 fangirls are the worst with stuff like this. just go look at the article about bungie going multiplat you guys were ready to burn their building down. if you turn on the company that made your favorite platform worth owning then you know you're ungreatful trash.

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