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more hits please.168 players out of millions,lets wait for the 360 owners to complain. theres plenty to fix on both consoles,then theres the pc version,flame bait for hits there not going the gt5 route

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man everyone is trying there hardest to bring the game down,not like these are biased sites.its sad as they rely on hits and advert revenue,i,m starting to wonder where that 500 million of ms truly went.

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7 out of ten,what a joker i like forzza a lot but this reveiw was about gt5,he seemed to mention forzza like a well payed fanboy back hander reveiwer does.this site smells bent

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a hour of your life for a game that i will be playing on,off for years,there moaning about that.

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these reveiwers are nuts,i,m playing it in 3d and its awesome.out side rift what else is in 3d on any other console.yeah [email protected] all that alone is worth a 10 to me.then the amount of cars 1000 who beats that,1080p,day to night,rally,karts,snow,rain its endless in content and quality.half these sites including the big one,s don,t even own a 3d tv let a lone a good one and they want me to listen to them.lol

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any one playing in 3d,yeah awesome in a word.have the reveiwers spoke about this part yet.come to think about it have they got a 3k 3d tv like myself.because if they havn,t whats the point of me reading there reveiws,i,m no [email protected] sheep baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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i thought it was a ms exclusive,lied to again

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our local game store was sending it back to wholesale pre launch due to little interest in the product.this company losted 31 million last quarter so they don,t want to risk stocking any think unsellable

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blame the crap beater testers,these things should be reported.i swear they say nothink so they can make these clips

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news update there sending them back at game to wholesale,there not selling in the uk

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yes big difference 50$ to play online,thats a comparison needed to be added to any game with multi player.i mean lets look at the cost to get the real experience out of the game.no one mentions its going to cost the price of the game if you have no live service already,its ms so give it a free ride

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man it sucks,here i am playing in 3d with motorstorm and a few psn games,soon to be gt5,killzone 3 etc,etc.all in glorious 3d and kineckt does what,oh it plays below average casual games with out a controller really badly,dance central is the best on offer the wi was doing this when now.its laughable move is playing killzone 3 may even be in 3d with that controller and kineckt is making you jump up on a raft.it doesn,t even let you use the whole dash,just a dumbed down version.those returns a...

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this map has a sims look to it,a bit low level plastic style affect.i hope its not like that on all the maps

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they remember the eye toy,then that big word space,now to anyone interested who wants to cancel there kineckt pre order at game no refunds available.some sad faces this morning but thats the way it goes.

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65% give it the thumbs up,thats a bad thing?.as for 3d it looks great on my sony bravia.can,t wait for the big hitters to come out

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game can order you one no problem,there not stocking any quantity due to 31 milion loss last quarter.thats the same every where its the price of the product it cost more than an xbox so there all saying its a pre paid order they don,t want loads in stock collecting dust if they don,t sell.my local game shop have sold 5 for pre order thats it and general stock will be 2 to 5 per store

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graphics are crap period, its for the 360 as well no favours there then.when you look at killzone 3,medal of honour etc its a big step back.

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kids crying kineckt,ms what have you done

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unusable thats the bottom line,there right my mate takes his back tomorrow for a full refund and fifty quid light he has to pay me for the bet.i told that sucker it sucked fifty [email protected] quid lighter he,s seen the light.he couldn,t even get it to set up with out a major revamp of his flat.his missus said no way i can,t stop laughing what a day.

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i thought ms said it was auto recalibtation,it adjusts everythink comment from room size to people.now its the dev kits only.anyways walk in to game and try it out free,then walk away like 99% of people are doing saying how much

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