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i dont wanna sound like an asshole, but "the article makes a lot of good points"?

did you read the article? because its not really about a EA/sony deal at all. its a mockery of gaming journalism in general, which you failed to mention in your comment, and thus has lead me to believe that you did not read the article at all.

for the record however, i do agree with the points in your post.

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i wrote this a bit lower, but to reiterate, i disagree that tor is a hypocrite.

hes actually a quality guy, in my opinion, and i think that he affiliates with hhg, kuz they know each other and are friends irl.

if you had a friend who had a site, but you guys didnt agree on how to run it, i'd assume that your friendship would be a stronger factor than your different opinions when considering whether or not to help promote each other's sites.

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tor doesnt blindly promote hhg, as everyone here seems to think. ive actually had email convos with tor, asking about hhg, and why he supports him. (because i, too am kinda tired of hhg's flamebait articles) he said that they talk to him about it, but hhg thinks that flamebait articles are the best way to get hits, raise his alexa, and propel him to fame. tor argues that quality content will bring repeat readers back to the site, generating more traffic in the long run.


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just wanna point out, that ps3 has 87 or whatever % of the WORLDWIDE install base that 360 has. according to npd(mainly us sales figures), i believe its approx ~60 or 65% of the total install base. i think its weird that people conveniently forget about this, when they look at npd numbers.

when a multiplat outsells on ps3, or even selling 1:1, that means that scaled to install base, its almost DOUBLING (well, more like 1.5x) the 360 sales in north america.


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hey i never thought about that. having the crosshairs not fixed to the center of the screen is going to make aiming while straffing a bit more difficult and less percise, because it takes more turning to move in a circular motion around your target. i assume its gonna work similarly to the way the conduit worked for wii. did anyone play that game, and can comment on how it worked out in the conduit?

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i dont believe that my opinions were off base at all.

firstly, i did not mention anything in the last post about HR at all. although i do think HR looks better due to better character models and animations which more closely mimic reality, i did not make any comparisons in my last post, you just assumed that i did.

secondly, i stand firm on my opinion that AW looks marginally better than RE5 or gears2, and that is due to the lighting and particle effects. i looked ...

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most of the pix you posted of AW arent even in game, and the ones that are look about RE5 quality in regards to texture work to me. again i commend the lighting in AW, it is nice, albiet a little overly flashy. i failed to see anything that indicates AW will look significantly better than RE5 or gears2, let alone UC2.

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i demand to know why all the AW hopefuls are running around claiming that

"AW has large environments! AW has large maps! AW is fully explorable! HR is SO linear! HR is just QTEs strung together!"

unless i have been misinformed, AW is NOT an open world game, and its environments are about as open as say, gears2 or UC2. all of those games are TPS's with a storyline and limited, linear environments. sure you may be able to run around both sides of a buil...

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although i understand the argument that blood != hardcore

the argument that the lack of blood in this game where you are shooting and stabbing/chopping things was not an deliberate choice to grab a younger and more casual market just seems foolish to me.

in the post-e3 warzone, torrence mentioned that he talked to the red steel 2 developers at e3, and they specifically said that they WANTED to put the blood in the game and make it more mature, but the distributors wo...

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the quote from the article is pretty ridiculous

firstly, they said that the reason the ps3 version looks worse is because it has less ram. LESS RAM? wtf are they talking about?! just because the ram is separated does not mean that it has LESS ram. ridiculous. and they are proud of being able to fit 3/4 the textures on the ps3 version? lol, it really goes to show how the (lazy) porting process works. if they actually went to the trouble of using BOTH of the 256mb sticks of r...

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just jailbreak, it opens up so many doors.

i was hesitant at first, but in retrospect, i was a complete idiot. trust me after you jailbreak you feel like you have a brand new device. it makes the stock iphone feel as useful as a razr lol.

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all of these problems have already been solved by the hacking scene a long time ago.

unlock your phone for any provider
mms messaging programs

have been addressed for a long time now, months, maybe even more than a year ago. just jailbreak and unlock your iphone, already. its crazy how much more the iphone does when the community can get a hold of it.

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... fanboys amaze me.

firstly i dont know why sony fanboys are trying to spin this, he said the xbox version looks better.

that being said, he basically said that they look the same. a few particle effects difference? honestly. the review said that the ps3 version lacked a few sparks on the wall. if it was anything game breaking, im sure they would have deducted a bit from the graphics on the ps3, but the scores the same, which means they look the same.

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well on the warzone he said he lost his bag with his netbook in it.

i assume that maybe he still had the most recent videos that he took still in the camera that he hadnt uploaded onto his computer? i dont know what you assume hes lying.

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you and all the haters need to cut hiphop some slack man.

personally, im no longer a fan, but like its been said, he is doing his own thing that he is passionate about, and if you dont care for it, dont watch his show.

secondly, HHG has plenty of access to the gaming industry. granted he doesnt get every single behind the scene or closed door preview and stuff that the industry giants like ign get, but that doesnt mean that he doesnt have access to the industry. he...

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look at the wording, its not even in the center of the blue bars half the time. its not perpendicular to the lines, either. i could probably do a better job with ms paint. -____-

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lol i was waiting for someone to bust out demon's souls, considering what all the reviews were saying

that being said, i just ordered my copy tonight, and i cannot wait for it! rawr!

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ok i took the bait

your an idiot happyface. first of all, this is vgchartz, and we all know that vgchartz dont know sht about numbers. secondly, according to vgchartz, a site that practically makes up all the numbers, HW sold 4,000 copies more this week, but kz2 apparently has 1.33x as many lifetime sales as HW, according to vgc. in what universe is 900k > 1.2m? anyways, your pretty stupid, and that's that.

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why should they care? they already got your money when you bought the game. the less people online, the less dedicated server upkeep they have to pay. the only reason they would remotely care about if people were playing the game is if are trying to sell dlc, or franchise recognition, which im sure theyve already secured many times over. even IF the servers were to empty, it is going to be WELL after any dlc is released.

i see it this way: they company is selling a product. ...

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just out of curiosity, what does cod4 offer in terms of longevity that kz2 doesnt? if you are referring to prestige, i find that a pretty thin argument, because i got to 55 faster in cod4 than it took me to unlock everything in kz2, and prestige classes were only on consoles. i own the pc version of cod4, and i still put plenty or hours into it, no prestige required, and that was playing solely tdm. i think kz2 already offers a lot more replayability for me, just in terms of variety of mod...

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