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They hype died down. Everyone I know stopped playing this.

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Yup, all 5 of them.

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But I hate the water levels in super mario bros... Also, the game doesn't look that exciting. I feel like it be fun for a few days but than it gets boring quickly after that.

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That was kinda lame

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They been advertising it like crazy this holiday. I swear when im watching tv, im always seeing that just dance ad showing off the wiiU or that super mario commercial. So they have been doing alot of advertising and it still not selling. So that proves that the casuals just aren't interested.

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Creepy? That sounded cool and very convenient.

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K, thxs for the info guys. Im going to wait until tomorrow and see if they send a email for the reset. If they don't, i guess I have to call.

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My password has been changed!!!! I hope they don't ask for my dob or address because i signed up with random info.

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I agree. I didn't feek they were gimmicky at all. It a very fun and innovative game.

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Im surprised you have 6 disagrees. I thought it would be the opposite knowing this site.

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It more than a batch. Alot of people are having this issue. Sony better hope this isn't a widespread problem. They lost alot of people trust.

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Im glad I don't have one yet. Sony should not had rushed this to the market. Now MS has the chance to overtake.

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I think she might overtake lei-fang as the cutest character in the game

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I personally think it doesn't deserve those sales since it an overrated handheld but congrats.

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You didn't have to bring up the vita...

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That not even expensive. That like the price of 2 games. I definitely would buy something like this. I really want a white controller and a white ps4. Ever since apple released the white iphone. I been in love with white gadgets.

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I agree. I notice in the ps4 faq. Sony dropping their online passes too. Im really happy about this.

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I don't know why but reading this just put a smile on my face. Hopefully this teaches Nintendo not to half ass their future hardware.

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