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Call Of Duty is to Gaming what iPhone is to Smartphones industry. There are far better options out there, but i'm buying it because everyone at my 'School,Work,Community' ; has it.

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I want the awesomeness of Joel to be present in the next Game as well.

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Hey i'm not afraid to admit i loved GTA4 & played it for over 200 hours.

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Not only that, I'm also officially recognized as the Most Loved individual on News Boiler Network.

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If it's Dec 15 for Saudi Arabia & Kuwait ( Where I Live ), it has to be sometime in November for US & UK.

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Sense Here > None.

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This was the first Playstation Title i had ever bought, this brought back so many memories.

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Like Charlie Sheen Would Say.

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Got my Battlefield 4 Launch Day Edition paid for on Amazon, along with Killzone, Watch Dogs, AC: BlackFlag, COD: Ghosts.

Exciting times ahead.

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Cannot wait to get my hands on as well.

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No one thanks the News Submitter as well.

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*Double Facepalm*

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Agreed, as someone who has played & beaten all the AC games, i can tell you that after the first AC game with Altair, they went in a completely new direction.

It does not even feel like an Assassins Creed game anymore, they went in a new direction stretch it into something completely different in order to get the cash rolling.

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Yeah, that's exactly what everyone kept on saying about COD, now look at Activision pointing fingers at the Next-Gen Console transition.

Everything Comes To An End, It's A Fact Of Life.

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They better not end it before an AC game completely set in Modern Times & Maybe Future.

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Hiring trolls to keep your service troll free, seems like a bad idea.

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I'll put my money on Second Son.

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For me, on 'PS4 it's Killzone: Shadow Fall' & on 'Xbox One, it's TitanFall'.

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