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I think MS's prediction might be right there has to be a price cut so i think Sony will cut the price coz this is the right time when everything is seems to be finally going their way.

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Only on the part that InFamous looks to out do Prototype in every way.

But English is not Gaming Journalism, 1 should not be flamed for poor English. like i was for sharing a little thought.

English is not my first language that does not mean i should stop sharing my point of view on various matters by writing.

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but it might have been fun seeing 2 kratos 4 swords Ripping throw The Enemies.

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Guilty As Charged. But there wasn't any large version got owned.. :P

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Is it important to have 20 long paragraphs in order to have a discussion or to express a personal feeling.

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Sure 360 has more exclusives but every gamers should prefer Quantity over (Quality=PS3 Exclusives) and i only talked about 2009 not about the years that have passed or about the years to come.

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Alot of members are calling me Fanboy and i have no idea why, i never tried to show my fanboy side even though i am a Sony Fanboy,

I just stated the fact that even if Microsoft have held some titles that will be announced at E3 they won't be able to release those titles this year, it's already too late thats all.

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coz there are alot of Multi-Platforms coming this year, but i was saying why isn't MS announcing any exclusive, Sure there have been rumors that the long awaited exclusive titles will hit the shelves this year(ALAN WAKE,SPLINTER CELL).

But what i was saying is that there should be more announcements by them and alot of gameplay details should be released by now, But there has been nothing.

You cannot expect to announce a game today and release it within next 5 months...

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It's (Crious) as off (Serious)i made a simple change since i don't have 15000$ for '' let me know if your buying.

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I guess i'll do a Top 10 list later on cheers guys. :D

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I still haven't played Mercury Meltdown.

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I love this game.

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I was an ace in this game back in arcade days, I really hope they pull this one off nicely.

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And then EA would start counting the days until they receive a lawsuit in their mail. :P

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Thank you for letting me know, I make these types of mistake all the time because English is not my first language.

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Damn the critics went totally opposite me i love the game.

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LOL you serious.

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But i am almost sure that we'll see a GTA 5 or whatever in Q1 2010

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i don't think that Rockstar will bring back an old character since they never have but it will be interesting to see the new character.

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I agree with (yencid) Even though i said something stupid back there, i don't know why people simply disagree with a news if it's not by(GAMESPOT,KOTAKU,JOYSTIQ,PSU ,IGN) and many other reputed site, i have seen that when ever joystiq starts rumors there are comment like (WOW i would love to see that) and discussion of that sort but when a source like HHG or other break a news or rumors they are asked for source.

And you will see comments like (MADE UP CRAP) and similar to that s...

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