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My Decision of Choosing PS4 or XBO

During the near final exams in my college, PS4 and XBO were announced especially games like Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay and teasers of InFamous: Second Son, Deep Down and Knack and other multiplat games like The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs and Destiny and that was before E3 2013. I was excited for PS4 a bit then got into my final exams, finished exams and graduated on 13th June, happy that I have finished my college and now I am a Pharmacist. At night, I opened my computer going to sites like N4G, Gematsu etc and found myself watching trailers of my most anticipated games which are Final Fantasy Versus XIII(aka now Final Fantasy XV) and Kingdom Hearts 3 and was really happy and made me excited for PS4 but after few minutes I found out that these two titles aren't PS4 exclusives got really surprised because every Kingdom Hearts game is exclusive only on one console while Final Fantasy Versus XIII(aka XV) was supposed to be PS3 exclusive but now they are muliplats and for PS4 and XBO.

I later on started to think, decide and said to myself "Since Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV aren't PS4 exclusives so how about I watch E3 press conference for Sony and MS and see opinions and see who'll get better exclusives" so I watched for press conference of both on YouTube and then Killer Instinct blow out my mind with it's characters that reminds me of Capcom's Darkstalkers especially Saberwolf looks alot like Jon Talbain which was awesome to me and it's gameplay is just like Street Fighter (I am actually fan of Capcom's Fighting games). Then later saw Dead Rising 3 gameplay, I couldn't stand to watch it just for 5 minutes and I distatsed it because it didn't feel the same like the previous Dead Rising games and the car smashing to kill Zombies looked bad to me. As for Ryse, it looked slightly ok but not really exciting. And the trailers of Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Project Spark didn't look promising to me. I like Titanfall it looked ok. And Microsoft's conference looked bad especially with their DRM, No Used Games, always online and mandatory kinect didn't liked it at all (Even though Microsoft reversed their policies).

Then I watched new Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay video, InFamous Second Son gameplay video and teaser trailer of The Order: 1886 loved them and got excited and I like Knack gameplay and a tech demo of Dark Sorccerer was funny. Also Sony's press was very good and lots of Indie's support and their no DRM, not always online, Used Games ok, Camera is separate and Sony's 30 1st party games in development and 20 of them coming out first year and 12 of those 20 are new IPs made me really happy then found out from sites about informations of harware of both consoles for example like PS4 has GDDR5 which will make multiplat games look better and its architecture won't be difficult to make games for it just like how PS3 was and especially Sony's 1st party developers and 3rd party developers who'll make exclusive for it will take advantege of PS4 hardware unlike XBO will use DDR3 which will be slower and inferior graphics for multiplat games (I really want the games especially my anticipated titles look good) and the architature to make games for XBO will be diffcult.

Also remembering the history of past generations of how Sony and Microsoft supporting their consoles, PS and Xbox respectively. I'll leave this link here:
It's actually a comparison of Sony supporting Core Games and Move(Motion Control), and Microsoft supporting Core gamers and Kinect(Motion Controls) from 2010 to 2013. And also Microsoft didn't make lots of exclusives as Sony did especially alot of Sony 1st party games were and are considered as GOTYs like Uncharted series, LittleBigPlanet, God of War series and more and now The Last Of Us which will be considered as GOTY and I care for future not just line-up, announced and unannounced games in development but also for games that aren't in development yet and will be deveoped and come after like 5, 6 or 7 years later. And games that were published by Microsoft like Mass Effect and Ninja Gaiden 2 got later ported to PS3.

Maybe I'll get XBO later in 2015 or 2016 if they'll make more great games that PS4 lack, but right now I am more excited for PS4 and I don't care if PS4 wins or loose to XBO, what I know Sony will make great games for PS4 and can't wait for Gamescom 2013.

Thank you for your time and hope you all enojyed reading.

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SilentNegotiator2970d ago

I'm not sure I've heard it be called "XBO" until now. I'm definitely using that abbreviation from now on.

EXVirtual2970d ago

Good blog. I was also surprised and kinda pissed that FFXV and KH3 were multiplats. But PS4 is gonna run them better and after the bone versions bomb the japanese side of Square Enix will go exclusive to PS4.

Fireseed2970d ago

What universe do you live in where more people getting to enjoy a beloved franchise is a bad thing?

XboxFun2970d ago

I'm going with the Xbox One. The 360 was supported and is still going strong with more and more titles being released each month. hardware doesn't matter especially when you consider that most of the multiplats played and looked exactly the same this gen, plus you have to consider the use and benefits of DirectX 11.2 that will be exclusive to Xbox One.

Xbox One also has the features that can't be found on the PS4 that appeal to me.

As for KH and FF going multiplatform. It shouldn't have surprised anyone. KH appeared on 3DS and Vs. has been in development hell for almost ten years. There is no way Square would keep that to one system.

I am definitely looking forward to playing those two games on the Xbox One which will run those games the exact same way it will run on PS4.

ZHZ902970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

"The 360 was supported and is still going strong with more and more titles being released each month."
But those support are multiplat games/3rd part games NOT exclusive/1st party games.

"hardware doesn't matter especially when you consider that most of the multiplats played and looked exactly the same this gen"
This time hardware WILL matter. Here is the link that summarize difference between DDR3 and GDDR5
Which will make multiplats look better, those people like John Carmack will just say "These two consoles are similar" just because they want their games to sell well on both.

"plus you have to consider the use and benefits of DirectX 11.2 that will be exclusive to Xbox One"
Ok I don't about that, so what's really power & benefitsof this?

As for KH being also on 3DS, that is what I also meant: KH1/2/Recom only on PS2, COM only on GBA, Days/Recoded only DS, BBS only on PSP, DDD only on 3DS and KH HD Remix 1.5(and will most likely as well 2.5) only on PS3 NOT KH1 on PS2 and Xbox or DDD on 3DS and Vita for example.

And about Square, at least I am happy that these 2 games(along others that I want) are on a console of my choice, PS4.

"I am definitely looking forward to playing those two games on the Xbox One"
Goodluck and hope you'll enjoy them. ;)

XboxFun2970d ago

"But those support are multiplat games/3rd part games NOT exclusive/1st party games."

So what? One or two games from a first party compared to 10x that from multiple 3rd parties. I fail to see what the point you guys are making. There will be games for that system regardless.

"Which will make multiplats look better,"

The PS3 supposedly had the better looking multiplats too. That didn't stop the games from being equally as fun on the 360.

A link about DirctX:

And now KH III only on Xbox One and PS4. The cycle continues.


Thank you.

EXVirtual2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

The PS4's API's are GMN and GMNX, which like DX11.2 are superior to DX11. The advantage that GMNX, and GMN have is that they have full access to the PS4 hardware. I'm thinking that DX11.2 has access to the XB1 hardware as well, but the PS4 is more powerful. So really it all depends on the hardware specs. So the last bit of the PS4 specs we need to is how many GB of GDDR5 RAM the PS4 uses. It's either 8GB with a secondary chip for the OS (there's an article where Cerny said that: ) 7GB like the constant rumors or 6GB, the most unlikely one

EXVirtual2970d ago

FFXV going multiplat was a surprise to me. And about how those games run, we shall see.

jessupj2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Umm the 360 is not supported. It gets multiplats, but the amount of exclusives it received in the last few years is pathetically low. The future for it is even worse if that was possible.

PS4 is OpenGL so it can do anything DirectX 11.2 offers.

Please enlighten me of these extra features has over the PS4.

This gen the PS3 was only a little more powerful and harder to program than the 360. Next gen the PS4 is a lot more powerful and has the same easy architecture. Developers absolutely have the potential to make noticeably better multiplates, the only question is whether they'll be allowed to or not.

Also, the PS4 will recieve exclusives right through out the WHOLE generation, but it's unlikely the same will happen for the X1.

PS4 is the obvious choice if you're a gamer imo.

XboxFun2969d ago

I respect your opinion.

How can you say the 360 is not supported when it IS getting multiplats, digital only games and other content for the 360. Exclusives are good, but the biggest blockbusters and anticipated titles have been from 3rd parties.

The PS4 is not "A LOT" more powerful and I can guarantee that the games might look a tad better but will not be this mountain and acres past the X1.

And i'm sure we will see more exclusives and even exclusive content due to the inclusion of the Kinect 2 for the Xbox 1. MS is investing very heavy on this new system and both companies are pretty much making these consoles (probably) the end all be all for at least past 10 years.

Xbox One is the obvious choice for gamers AND everyone outside of gaming. Of course this is also my opinion.

GodGinrai2970d ago

Im glad KH and FF are going multi..everybody should be able to play it on whatever they want. I want gamers to be happy.

Kids are going to love KH, what with all that disney stuff in their. Never tried them myself. But I am glad people can play them whatever platform they own.

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