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Nintendo The True Underdog Of E3: Bayonetta & X

A glimmering star of hope finally showed itself at E3’s game expo this year. I take that back, not a glimmering star of hope rather a super nova of the ages. When Microsoft is licking its wounds all while trying to prove to everybody that it should be the console of choice Sony has all but won the hearts and minds of gamers throughout the world. But there have been numerous articles on why, so instead I will focus on the Underdog of this year’s convention.

Nintendo! Let me first start off by saying Sony and Microsoft had some great showings that ranged from Titan Fall to Final Fantasy XV but what Nintendo showed simply blew me away. The Wii U is growing on me more and more. Games galore with next gen graphics to boot! Nintendo showed off their first party games like never before. Games like The Wonderful 101 and Mario Cart. But these games were not the steal of the show. No, as a matter of fact it was two games that everyone seemed to seriously overlook. Bayonetta 2 and X. Both games looked amazing and should be enough to shut up anyone who says the Wii U is not a capable next gen system. Bayonetta 2 displayed a new look with short hair this time around but maintained her over the top feel of the original. Simply put Bayonetta 2 is turning out to be amazing. X on the other hand simply blew me away. I would not have expected it to look so good. Say what you will this game looks to be on par with Final Fantasy XV in terms of both graphics and game play. The amount of detail in this game is amazing.

People who have been blinded by Sony and Microsoft need to take a closer look at Nintendo. While they are definitely not making it easy for us consumers to see what it is they have to offer, I feel Nintendo is going to do just fine. Do yourself a big favor and check out what Nintendo has to offer, because you will not find their games on any other console.

chadboban4050d ago

X looks so freaking amazing. One of my personally favorite games of E3 despite it's short trailer along with Final Fantasy XV, The Division, KH3, Bayonetta 2 and alot more. Hell this E3 was filled with amazing games. Easily the best in years.

As for X, I wish it was getting more attention and I wish more people would realize that it's a first party Nintendo game. Hope to see Nintendo do more stuff like this in the future.


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