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Call Of Duty: Ghost fish AI nothing new: look at 1994's Ecco The Dolphin

With next gen comes next gen technology right! So why is it developers waist time focusing on things like fish AI. Yes i said it, Fish AI! When I saw the Next Call Of Duty trailer I could only think of Ecco The Dolphin. One of the first games I played on the Sega Genesis. I remember this little fish being complete bastards, especially in the later stages when you would need to eat them in order to regain your health. But back to the graphics for a moment. This game does not look next gen at all. does anyone remember Crysis or have we all forgotten. That games still looks years better then what was shown of the next Call Of Duty so far. In any case to prove my point regarding the AI check out the attached video of Ecco: Tides of time.


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