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To All My Friends in JAPAN

With all that is going on in the world today I’d just like to make a small post that everyone can add to.

Japan is suffering right now and I have not heard from quite a few of my friends after the disasters that struck Japan. Not to mention the looming fear of the 6 nuclear reactors that will go at any moment. It has been very difficult to pick up my games within the last couple of days without first thinking of the problems in Japan. As I am still working on Tales of Grace F but have found it difficult to play the game, not Because of my limited Japanese but because I am so curious to see what is happening in the country that has given me so much happiness in the form of great multimedia.

I have lived abroad for many years, I can speak Thai, some Japanese and some Chinese, my inspiration for learning Japanese was so i could play Berserk for PS2, but have never been to Japan the one country I’ve always wanted to visit. And now I fear it will be many more years before I am able to go.

This Blog is in support of all the families and lives that where lost and also the hopes that after this hardship passes that Japan will come back even stronger than before..

I hope everyone that reads this post can leave at least one comment about the events in Japan. Please keep in mind certain sensitivities and try to be polite as many have died and not only us gamers have been effected by this but more importantly families and friends who have lost loved ones and colleges alike.

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Sometimes we as gamers must step outside of the game and look at our community. Perhaps, for a long time, we shunned the JRPG for the WRPG. Now, we realize, people who make games for gamers to play are also gamers themselves. We do not want this kind of thing to affect our community, or any community.

So I say, I for one, will renew my interest in the JRPG, and begin to look at what is good about them, and stop comparing FF13 to F3.

I hope in my heart that Japan rises out of the ashes like a mighty pheonix and shows the world what it means to stand strong amidst horrible crisis.

My condolences to those who lost friends and family in this tragic occurrence.


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