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Killzone 3 Commentary PS3 Demo Playthrough

This is my playthrough of the Killzone 3 Demo now available on PSN. My commentary is not the best but its a second attempt. In any case this game is really good but not without its issue's. My 2 biggest gripes with this game is it really feels like a shooter on rails. more so then the first one & they have toned down Rico too much. He went from rated M language to PG. during the whole demo he cursed twice. Sh*t and B*&ch.. that was it.. i actually enjoyed the things he said in the original. Other then that it's a very good game.

Let me know what you guys thought of the demo?

RadientFlux4897d ago

Really you like Rico? Every time he opened his mouth I wanted to shoot out his knees and leave him to die.

I was hoping for friendly fire option in Killzone 3.


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