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Top 10 games for ps3 that may surprise you!

This list consist of my personal collection. Some of you will like them, some of you will not. What do you think of this list and what do you consider to be your own top ten?

DelbertGrady4936d ago

If they're not independently developed games they are mainstream. These games are all mainstream games from pretty big publishers.

soundslike4936d ago

It's like when people call Lady Gaga experimental and edgy...


IRetrouk4936d ago

the only thing edgy about her is those balls i seen in a vid.

smashman984935d ago

so what if they are mainstream (and most of them arent) just because its backed by a big publisher doesnt make it mainstream. but i can tell you
- heavenly sword, made by a indie dev (ninja theory)
-fist of the north star definitley not mainstream
-nier is definitley not main stream seeing as the game did so bad in sales the studio that designed it got shut down
-valkriya chronicles also not main stream
-yakuza not mainstream
-bayonetta not mainstream

Kurt Russell4935d ago

If you like putting your face 5 inches from a wall and staring at it... As that's what you see for about 80% of the game. The other 20% was actually quiet good, but not worth the trouble.

memots4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

@Bounkass . thats pretty sad... Talk about not understanding what the game is about and or try to learn how to properly play the game.

I finished the game twice, Once on 360 and once on pc. And loved every minutes of it.

young7yang4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

I went a head and changed the headline... I'll try and be more careful next time I give something a title.

Newtype4936d ago

The Macross Combo is nearly impossible to get in the US without importing.

dgroundwater4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

Great list I agree wholeheartedly. Makes me want to pick up Nier off my shelf and get to it.


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