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Resident Evil Revelations and Monster Hunter 4 and the "let's port this" complex

Lately with the approaching release of Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS I have heard this comment quite a few times: " When's the Vita port coming out?". This seems kind of annoying. Why are Vita gamers assuming that games like this are coming to the Vita at all? It's not that I don't like the Vita but the mentality has got to stop. In my internet travels I have only seen this rule apply to Nintendo products. I've even heard people wish that Ninty would go software only and port their best games. I don't think I need to explain why Zelda, Metroid or Mario would never be as good on anything but a Nintendo console. Why can't the 3DS have it's own little batch of third party exclusives. To the Vita fans I'm talking about: If you REALLY want to play Revelations, then buy a 3DS!!!

If you look up an article about that Nintendo keynote a while back, the one when Capcom announced MH4, chances are there will be at least 2 comments about this game coming to Vita or why it would be "stupid for it not to be a multiplat". What if it never comes to Vita? What is the game is custom designed around the 3DS and it's StreetPass and 3D features? Screaming "PORT!PORT!" means that the game might not blend perfectly because it was created for a 3DS. MH4 is a little different because it's in development (though if there is a Vita version is would have be announced a while ago), but there is no excuse. Revelations is likely a 3DS exclusive and RE 6 could show up on Vita. To fans of the more traditional RE I guess that could be disappointing but I still fail to see the problem. If you want a 3DS exclusive... buy it for 3DS. Uncharted doesn't need to be on the Xbox, Gears should't be on PS. I've never seen people asking about that. Yes Capcom is a third party but the rules still apply but if they want Resi to be on one system why can't it be? You don't see us shouting to port Mortal Kombat or Marvel Versus Capcom 3? Why must you beg for ours?

Emilio_Estevez4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

"Uncharted doesn't need to be on the Xbox, Gears shouldn't be on PS. I've never seen people asking about that." - There is an article about that almost every week. - 5 PS3 exclusives that the 360 would die for, 5 360 games PS3 owners wish they had. 'Blog' is silly, the whole premise is flawed. People just want the games they wanna play on the system they prefer.

yabhero4154d ago

You don't like me do you? I understand people want the games they want. I'm saying instead a begging and whining about why an exclusive isn't going to be ported play it on the original system.

dedicatedtogamers4151d ago

Maybe it's because a lot of Wii and DS games have ended up being ported over to their equivalents. A ton of the DS RPGs have been ported (and upgraded) on the PSP. A lot of Wii exclusives were ported over to other consoles.

Nintendo hasn't been known for their 3rd-party exclusives since the days of the SNES. Considering the fact that CAPCOM is already port-happy (consider how the 3DS's first Monster Hunter game is actually just a port of a several-year-old Wii game), I wouldn't be surprised if RE:Revelations showed up on the Vita.