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The Uncharted Movie: Are We Letting a Great Opportunity Pass?

Since we can remember video game films have always failed to impress us and not one of them has managed to live up to the great game that we all fell in love with. It's true though that some of us actually manage to tolerate that one film and enjoy it for what it is, the film I like the most...well the video game film I think is the best out of all of them, despite not being the video game film that has broke the "Video game films will always suck" rule, is Silent Hill. However we have all looked at that one video game this gen and agreed that if this game was made into a COULD work. I'm talking about Uncharted Drakes Fortune.

Action, adventure, gunfights, car chases, romance, the supernatural, full developed characters and great cinematic experiences all what make this game a top contender to be an amazing video game film. In the past we hit a rough patch when David O Russell took lead of the Uncharted film. Every time the guy opened his mouth about what his take on the Uncharted film was going to be like we all knew that it was going to suck, first Mark Wahlberg, then news about introducing Drakes uncle and father, then info on the story about an antiques place in New York and finally all this talk about "Family" crap. By the end of all these hints towards what his film was going to be like we knew that this wasn't Uncharted but an idea for a film David O Russell has had for a while but needed something to easily get it the green light. Thankfully because of creative differences he left (YAY) and the world was then a little bit safer.

Fast forward to today it seems like Uncharted has been picked up by Neil Burger who, as his interviews suggest, actually knows about what he's talking about......ok maybe not about everything but it still seems that Neil is the better choice than anyone else (unless an avid video game scriptwriter/director wanted to do the film). Now that Mark Wahlberg isn't going to be Drake anymore the role of Nathan Drake has been left wide open.

Which brings me onto the point of this blog "WHO SHOULD BE NATHAN DRAKE"...I know what you’re thinking or what half of you guys are thinking "Nathan Fillion all the way" but why, why should we be fighting for Fillion to get the role when we already have the roles of the characters filled. If you saw the Uncharted Comic Con panel you will have realised that Nolan North, Emily Rose and Richard McGonagle all want to play there parts in the Uncharted film.

At 39.00 minutes in one of the questions for the three stars of Uncharted is "Have you ever thought about casting yourselves in an Uncharted movie", the crowd applauds and the look of Nolan North’s face is priceless...he actually looks really surprised and blown away with how many people actually want him to do it. Even Richard goes on to say "I think everyone in this room should go home and contact everybody they know and say that" which leads me to believe that these three actors REALLY want to play there parts. Let's face it most of us who wanted Nathan Fillion was because he was the second best choice for the role since we didn't think Nolan had any interest in doing it, like when he said Hugh Jackman should get the role instead but now that we all know the voice actors want to play there parts I don't see why everyone is still clinging onto the idea that Fillion should get the role. Out of the few interviews of Neil Burger that are on the web nearly all them say "Will you cast Nathan Fillion as Drake since he's fans favourite", I have never seen them say anything about Nolan, Emily and Richard which is a sad sight because as I'm trying to point out this is a great opportunity and we shouldn't let it fly right past us

What I mean about opportunity is that it's very rare for us to fall in love with characters in a game AND when the game gets a movie the voice actors would play there parts.

The fact is people (mostly Fillion fans) come up with silly excuses why Nolan can't be Drake. "He's too old" so, I'd rather have an actor that that can play the role then worrying about his age besides get some make up or CGI effects and he'll look younger, it's funny as well since Fillion is the same age. "He's not well known" Everyone started out as an unknown actor at one time, Ben Stiller was a crappy waiter that had small roles before he got his big break and look where the guy is today or even look at the three main characters in the Hangover Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms, yes they had parts in a number of films before the Hangover but it wasn't until the Hangover became a big success when they got their big breaks and started popping up in most films we see today.

I think people are forgetting that the film can still have big stars for promotional reasons; all they need to do is get the villains or even cameo appearances to be played by big stars that they can use for promotional material like posters or trailers. There’s always that one film we've seen where an actor we like is used a lot in the promotional material but the character is killed off straight away in the film look at 28 weeks later <Spoilers>...........Rob ert Carlyle was killed off very soon in the film but he had a big part in posters, interviews and trailers.

Overall I like to think that if you’re a true fan of Uncharted you would want Nolan, Emily and Richard to get the role. I mean let's face it they have worked there arses off for this game for the past five years and it's because of their hard work that's made the game such a success, it would be nice thank you if they were given the chance to play the characters in the film.

The question about if the characters would want to play there characters in the Uncharted film starts at 39.00.

Uncharted Comic Con Panel: Nolan "rings" Neil

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Kran3713d ago

Ah ha. Thank you for the video to the Comic Con ;D

I must say, you bring up some very valid points, and I'd love all 3 of the main Uncharted actors to play their characters in the movies, but its just not how Hollywood works.

Because of Hollywood, this will probs be the cast:

Nathan Drake - Bruce Willis
Elena Fisher - Angelina Jolie (they'll want a "too big of a sex model") ¬¬
Victor Sullivan - Jason Statham

Yeah. Hollywood sucks sometimes :/

thorstein3713d ago

Elena Fisher? Yvonne Strahovski hands down. You would know her from Miranda on Mass Effect 2 and from the TV show Chuck where she plays Sarah Walker.

No contest here.

Kran3713d ago

You want an Australian actress to play an American role? :/

thorstein3713d ago

Wow, thanks for the disagrees. And yes. She plays an American in Chuck so I don't think it would be a problem.

Pozzle3704d ago

Or just get Emily Rose (Elena's voice actress) to play Elena in the film. She's already a fairly well known actress, and practically plays Elena in the tv series Haven.

thorstein3713d ago

As for the whole: North/ Fillion debate: I honestly don't think anyone would refuse to see the movie if either played the lead. Think about it (I am in favor of Fillion) however, I would still see the movie if North was the lead. But, as you mentioned about big names, Fillion is a big draw for women, which translates to sales.

Kee3713d ago

I don't know, I liked the prince of persia film. They're not all bad.

As for uncharted: With the right cast and a director who knows what he/she's doing it could be a good film. Honestly, the uncharted game felt enough like a film when playing it at times.

LightofDarkness3712d ago

I think the games do a perfect job of exploring the story, it need not be committed to film. People have a strange idea that making a movie out of a game's story somehow legitimises it, making it "not just another stupid videogame story". Uncharted and it's story need not be "legitimised" by Hollywood, it's already better than the last Indiana Jones film (and most movies) and I think it's better that the stories are told through an interactive medium like gaming.

Do we really need to see the same story pan out again, except this time it's far shorter and we have no control over the action? I say let it stay where it is.

blackburn103712d ago

I say why not? They gave Double Dragon, Street Fighter and MK a chance why not give UC a chance and see what happens. I personally think a GOW and Resistance movie is long over due.

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