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Why are we creating a "Doom and Gloom" gaming culture for ourselves?

I've been a member here at N4G for more than 2 years now and been a visitor before that too. But never in my time here have i seen such pessimism, knee jerk criticism of games and of the industry in general as i have in the past few years.

Gaming is an escape from our often boring normal lives, they are windows into other worlds that put us into the shoes of adventurers and sports stars and give the experience of being someone else, doing huge exciting things that simply aren't possible in real life.

In my opinion as someone who had played games for as long as i care to remember in my 23 years here on earth, it is a crucial escapism element that helps us de-stress and have a little fun in those spare hours between work and sleep where otherwise as a retail worker in this time of year, i would probably be driven mad.

So why all of a sudden from almost the very start of this gen has everyone been so critical, argumentative and often aggressive towards each other?

From the 2006 "PS3 has no games" days, the RROD fiasco, the infamous PSN hack, the XBL > PSN debates when PS+ was announced, the endless hate on the Wii U, "the Vita is doomed"... The list could go on forever and ever.

Half of the nonsense that appears on the front pages either have nothing to with us or are just plain flame-bait to bait hits. Can't we all just get along and have fun like we did in the N64, PS1, PS2, and OG Xbox days? I know this sounds like i'm breaking off onto a "back in my day!" old man rant, but it's true, merely 6 or 7 years ago we were all the best of buddies and just had fun.

I'd like to see a return to positive things being talked about that make us excited, atract more people to join us as gamers and just make it a plain old better community.

If you enjoy Halo, that's fantastic, buy a 360 and play till your heart is content. More of an MGS guy? fire up your PS3, play some MGS4 and have a blast. Same with the Wii guys and PC guys, i hope your having a great time playing your Mario and Team Fortress's respectively.

There is no need for these silly allegiances to corporations that don't give a damn personally about individuals as we do them. Nor is there any need to constantly put down exclusive titles to certain platforms or entirely new platforms for gaming.

Everyone has different tastes, take different things from different games and in general just play for different reasons.

Ditch this "Doom and Gloom" culture we are creating for ourselves and let's just have some fun, you know, the whole reason we put hundreds and thousands of £/$ into our beloved hobby!

SilentNegotiator4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

Frankly, this "why can't we just be friends" stuff in gaming isn't any less shallow than "Why can't we just not have war?" stuff; there ARE reasons why people debate and clash. Some people will be extreme or dumb. And gaming discussion isn't the end of civilization.

The worst "hate" from non-troll accounts seems to be from people being displeased with the Wii U's small leap or with Vita having a very slow start. Or at least the "hate" that people whine about the most as of late. Grow thicker skin and move on.

You want to find someone to blame for the "doom" stuff? Look at irresponsible "journalists".

Welshy4141d ago

I appreciate your feedback, but i'm not quite with you on your points.

Why is it deemed "shallow" to want to get along with a 360 guy who enjoys Halo if i was a PS3 guy who enjoys God Of War? At the end of the day we are both just gamers, who enjoy games and want to have fun with our personal favourite title. It's far from shallow in my opinion to simply want to share experiences and just enjoy ourselves instead of needless rivalries over which piece of hardware we happen to pick up.

And yes, alot of the blame on the doom articles are from irresponsible wannabe journos, that's the purpose of the blog, i just think the negativity and intense rivalry of this gen doesn't benefit anyone and isn't needed.

SilentNegotiator4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

Because you're simplifying the issue too much. And exaggerating.

The truly offensive idiots who 'refuse to get along with people that like Halo (or whatever)' are VERY few in number.

The problem is more over-sensitivity than anything else. Some people feel that this or that is good/bad and have reasons that they stick by. And there's nothing wrong with that. But people get offended and angry anyway.

The issue YOU describe ("ZOMG you like ___ so I hate you!") really only happens among the consistent trolls.

rainslacker4141d ago

While you can blame the "journalist" to a degree, aren't we also partly to blame for this current attitude? Obviously if these kinds of articles that offer nothing didn't receive more heat than ones that actually discuss games then they wouldn't be so prevalent.

Go to any actual article about a game, say one that's not big like COD, Halo, Last of US, etc. You'll be lucky to have 5 comments on it. It's a shame because those are the articles I'd most like to discuss, but the discourse ends quickly, and moves to the back burner, all while the doom article of the hour makes it's way to the top for people to regurgitate the same arguments over and over again. It's gotten to the point where I will just read the game article...which is usually well written, and not bother with the comments because no one will read or comment on it.

TM3334142d ago

I've noticed the same thing from the start of this generation coming to an end. Honestly, I blame it on the fierce competition that arose with the PS3 and the Xbox 360 to claim the throne of the #1 selling and most powerful console. Xbox became so popular that all of those people trying to skip out on PS3 (for $reasons) had to hate it so they wouldn't feel they were missing out. Plus, this is all a sign that gaming has become more popular. I just want good games. Screw all the system bashing. At least it created competition which has given us some exclusives.

zerocrossing4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

So much hate and negativity in the industry these days...

It's like ever since gaming went mainstream everyones began acting like sports fanatics that can't go on without blind allegiance to there side and spewing venomous hate toward the other.

rainslacker4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

"Half of the nonsense that appears on the front pages either have nothing to with us or are just plain flame-bait to bait hits."

This is why the gaming culture of today is the way it is. New exciting gaming news is rather rare, and eventually they just run out of things to say. It was a lot easier before the internet with monthly publications, because those places could focus on what was most important as they had collected news that built up over an entire months time. That just isn't the case anymore.

This isn't a mentality that is exclusive to gaming either. It's prevalent in all forms of media and society nowadays. What it comes down to is that the only way for all these numerous media outlets to survive is to simply prey on our more basic instinctual mentality of fear and hate.

While I agree with your sentiments, it is unreasonable to expect a sweeping change in human behavior that could actually provide a reasonable discourse among our community. There are just too many that are cynical and jaded, and then just as many(if not more) that will respond to it, thus generating revenue for the media outlets that help drive the industry and community as a whole.

wishingW3L4141d ago

gaming is crap now. I buy like 2 new games per year and then back to my retro games. Capcom ruined DMC, they killed Megaman. Jrpg's are dead and the few that are still getting released are just crappy anime garbage like Neptunia and so on... Then we get great games like Mass Effect and Dead Space only to get ruined by devs chasing dat Call of Duty money, even Uncharted is guilty of this.

This gen haven't been that good if you ask me. But what you're complaining about is about the fanboys. And yeah, this site is filled with them and they love to bite on those pesky flame-bait articles and then you know, it gets the author tons of hits for their site. It's like the $100 Suikoden II discs in bad condition that are being sold at ebay. The game's not even that rare but since people are willing to pay then the prices only get higher.

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ZeekQuattro22h ago

For me its the fact that I could put hundreds of hours into it and still find areas I missed in my earlier runs. It was also my first FO and despite what I had to put up with at times such as overall crashs and killing my orginal PS3 with the YLOD it's still my favorite entry to this day.

-Foxtrot19h ago

Tons of reasons

But my silly little one…hunting for unique weapons and armour

Something Fallout 4 just didn’t really have as much because they replaced most of it with randomly generated customised weapons. Even Elder Scrolla doesn't do it as well.

Vits57m ago

Sense of exploration. That was why older Bethesda games were so good. They might have had glitches, broken mechanics, meh visuals, etc., but they were some of the best around when it came down to the sense of exploration. You could go wherever you wanted and you would find something cool; it might have been a faction, a weapon, an enemy and much more. And that is what they are lacking now. Skyrim still had a lot of that, but Fallout 4 dropped it by focusing on an interconnected world and more randomly generated rewards. Fallout 76 just kept that trend and added multiplayer, and Starfield went even further in killing it by creating a whole universe with parts completely isolated from each other.


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What about VII in general

It’s time to focus on other FF games rather than just FFVII

gold_drake1h ago

big nope haha

if they make newer 7 games woth the same quality they lut into reborth, im more than up for it.

newer titles will always be developed at the same time.

fsfsxii51m ago

Damn you always find something to complain about wtf

-Foxtrot44m ago

Hows that complaining? Not wanting something to be exploited forever and wanting other FF titles to be remade or get some love so their fans can enjoy it.

Got to love full on die hard trolls, fanboys and more being on here with no filter and yet you'll pick on me to complain about...

You got nothing to say other than to have a little bitch about me then take it to the PMs or f*** off

jambola26m ago

Think you hit a nerve 😂

fsfsxii21m ago

🤣🤣🤣 29315;🤣
Touch grass bro

Miraak82 19m ago

What are you talking about ?? xvi's 2nd dlc just came out and xiv's new expansion comes out in a couple months . They've been feeding us good . A triple dose of FF in a span of a few months which is basically consuming a majority of my gaming time for the rest of the year.

XiNatsuDragnel11h ago

That'll be great if ps6 had a one disc edition using that new physical media format that was announced recently.

gold_drake1h ago

i think we'll get a collection for the next gen

XiNatsuDragnel19m ago

I hope so I heard of a pb disc announcement too so it'll be perfect but I know companies afraid of the power of physical media lol.

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thats ok, but i do like the new introduced characters


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