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Astro's Playroom - why new PS5 owners MUST play this first!

Opening a new console at the starting block of the next generation there’s always a frisson of excitement as you wonder what wonderful games you will be able to play on it in the years ahead… then your thoughts return back to earth as you realise the only games you have available to play right now are just somewhat improved versions of annualised franchises.

PlayStation 5 is different. Emboldened by the PlayStation CEO’s mantra that the firm ‘believes in generations’ it has pushed to innovate with its new console and included with it is the brand new DualSense controller that features two new technologies to increase game immersion.

To introduce them to the player Sony’s Tokyo-based studio Team Asobi has produced a technical showcase Astro’s Playroom that comes preinstalled on every PS5. As it happens, it’s more than just a tech demo, it’s a wonderful game that creatively celebrates the best of PlayStation history.

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Chocoburger35d ago

Absolutely, while I haven't finished the game yet, I feel confident calling it the sleeper hit out of all the launch titles for the two consoles released this year. Sony could have easily charged $20 USD for this game and I wouldn't have complained, but they give it away for free? Awesome, I love pack-in games.

A real gem this game is, it feels like the type of game Nintendo would make, but then I remember that Sony Japan Studios has always created whimsical and charming platformers from TOMBA! to Gravity Rush.

EverydayJoe3d ago

I like the comment below skipped it (until a couple days ago) for Miles Morales, but it's great fun. My 1 year old likes to hold the controller and feel and hear the different stuff that happens with the Duelsense. Haha (proud dad moment) I can't say that I am 100% done with it but I think I have play almost all the levels. It really is outstanding all the different functionalities they work in the game. It really is an wonderful showcase of the Duelsense controller.

Sayai jin35d ago

Nah, I went in and played spiderman first.

Babadook734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I platinumed Astro and loved it. I'm glad I waited for spider man. Now its 60 fps with raytracing.