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Reasons why the Elder Scrolls VI & Starfield MAY be coming to PS5

On the 21st September the gaming world was shocked by the megaton of megatons announcement, that Microsoft would be buying publishing giant Zenimax for a cool $7.5 billion dollars. Immediately after almost everyone was asking the question does this mean Starfield and the Elder Scrolls VI will no longer come to PlayStation 5? But Microsoft didn’t answer.

I examine the evidence for and against, I discuss some of the surrounding issues, and stay to the end as I answer the question with a bold prediction you won’t want to miss!

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SmokinAces267d ago

Great in depth analysis, I agree I believe these two games will definitely come to Playstation at some point, if not day and date then at some point not long after,

VenomUK267d ago

SmokinAces thank you for your comment, it's appreciated. I tried to consider everything.

Rainbowcookie267d ago

Good work Venom. Really well done

VenomUK266d ago

Cheers Rainbowcookie, it's good to get feedback.

masterfox266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Of course they will come out for PS5 , if MS wants to recover their investment they need the PS5 cause the bigger installed customer base. Ironically MS need Sony to be more succesful then they in order to recover their investment.

JBlaze226266d ago

1. Microsoft doesn't need Sony.
2. They are already recovering their investment even though its chump change to them.
3. They didn't decide to buy Zenimax to start putting all their games on Sony. Case by case.
4. Maybe Microsoft should buy Sony...

stefd75265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

If MS buy Sony and it brings an end to all this exclusivity crap then i am up for that, the one thing i have hating about gaming for 40 odd years is the exclusive games.

AirRevenant264d ago

Because with how much we all hate exclusivity, let's just turn the gaming industry toward monopoly.

Great idea. /s

TheScotsman263d ago

No competition means bad news for gamers, and high prices, doesn't matter if it's only sony or ms they would both do it.

BoneMagnus266d ago

I wonder if, in addition to the possibility of timed exclusivity, if there will be additional features on the XBox versions - whether that’s exclusive DLC or more mod options.

VenomUK266d ago

BoneMagnus, if the games are released on other platforms I think that's definitely something Microsoft/Bethesda will be considering so that they emphasise the value proposition of the Xbox Game Pass edition.

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PraxxtorCruel265d ago

Yeah MS goes and pays 7.5bill just so they can put the software on competing platform. Why not instead just buy timed exclusivity? Would've been a whole lot cheaper.

monkey602265d ago

Simple really, Merchandise.

Same for Minecraft. Properties like that are incredibly valuable outside of software. Limiting where consumers can play the game will in turn limit those buying clothing, toys, models, etc, because they'll have no attachment to the IP.

dcbronco260d ago

Microsoft bought Zenimax for their ecosystem. Not Sony's. Their games will be exclusives.

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