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My First 50 Hours with Control

Director. Though I enjoyed the feeling the sound of the title gave me, I, much like Jesse, didn't fill it was totally earned. After all, according to my Trophy list, I had only completed about 88% of the game up until this point and haven't even touched the Foundation DLC.

Though frustration was somewhere present within me, it was more confusion that took ahold. What was keeping me from the coveted Platinum I so desired? I checked the list and it told me that I hadn't spent 100 Ability Points yet.


By this point, Jesse was a demi-god in my eyes, and ruled over the entire Bureau that she rightfully surveyed. All missions were completed and there were less than a handful of Board Countermeasures left. Okay, if this is the way to get more Points then I'm sure these could be completed in no time.

But, I will soon learn time was indeed the greatest enemy I've yet to face.

Thanks to the dedicated hours I've spent grinding, I was now able to traverse the hallways of the Bureau in speeds once only imagined just a couple of weeks ago. Yet, even as I dispatched enemy wave after enemy wave, I could not complete the simple objectives these Countermeasures asked of me. It didn't help that the rewards I would receive upon completion will do virtually nothing to enhance Jesse's already heightened power.

I was moving a lot but no progress was being made. How can i circumvent this inescapable loop? It was as if I, myself, was trapped by an Object of Power. Could it be my couch? I mean it was brand new and therefore foreign to me. I had to get ahold of myself and I needed a plan.

After 6 more hours of aimless flailing, I finally decided to complete a random Bureau Alert that popped up for the 20th time. Personnel Protection. Ah, let's get it over with.

What the--

Another Board Countermeasure completed. How? I went room to room looking for these Hiss Snipers and could not find one, but now they show up when I least expect them? Was that the key to achieving this trophy? To let them come to me?

Minutes pass. Another Bureau Alert.

Dammit! No Hiss Snipers this time! No worries.

Another Bureau Alert. Another without Snipers.

It seems 88% would be my limit. I've come to realize I am caught in my own inescapable Astral Plane with no hope of getting out. The Hiss had won. They had true Control.

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Kornholic44d ago

Do all the missions, side missions and find the hidden locations. Then you'll have the 100 ability points. The hardest part of that game is defeating Tommasi.

ginganinja44d ago

If that's the only main trophy you're missing, then you should be able to get the points by finding hidden areas. Get a guide and look some up, you don't need to find them all, but you do need to spend the points to get the trophy.
good luck.

Black-Helghast43d ago

Im at 10 hours in and I just don't know about this game. I feel like it's all over the place and the colors are so bright, my eyes get tired after the first hour of playing. Can someone convince me to finish this game before it's out of PSnow?

UnSelf41d ago

Hmm. I first need to know what do you like about the game? What, if anything, stands out to you?

Black-Helghast39d ago

I really like the cinematography and aesthetic of the game but the story doesn't draw me.for some reason and I feel it's all over the place (with like 15 hours that I've played)

Angyobangyo42d ago

I want to finish it but it runs so bad on consoles. Such is my console peasant life.

UnSelf41d ago

DF said this shouldn’t be the case and can’t understand why it is. I have a weird habit of role-playing any game I touch so I use the slowdown as a narrative tool to enhance the experience

myfathersbastard41d ago

What are you playing on? Ran smooth without any noticeable hiccups that I can remember on my PS4pro.