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Dear Sony: greedy isn't cool

Ulf|2747d ago |Blog Post|7|

My beef today is with my favorite console manufacturer. Or at least they were my favorite during the PS3 era.

I feel let down. I feel like I bought a Porsche... but its not a well-made Porsche. That's not cool.

My DS4 controller thumbstick rubber is wearing thin. It's even beginning to tear on the left stick. The battery runs dry after what seems like about 2 nights of play. The buttons are.. flimsy? I don't like them. They aren't Sony buttons as I know them -- they feel like they're gonna break. The design was so sexy. What happened with the execution? Did this save you money? The PS4 fan is starting to make a funny noise. Not too bad yet, but I've heard plenty of these noises before, and I know what they mean.

I have 3 PS3s. Only one is YLOD.. I just keep it for spare parts for one of the others. It lasted a good long while. I have 5 DS3s, and 1 Sixaxis. They all work great, and except for the Sixaxis, they all hold a charge for a good long while. The thumbsticks are sound, not a single button is unresponsive.

I'm not the average joe consumer. I know that lithium-ion batteries have a limited recharge-based lifespan. I know that the battery in my DS4 will only last about 2 years, at the rate I need to recharge it. I know that qualifies as "normal wear and tear", and that you won't replace it. Why can't I turn the stupid lightbar off, again? It uses 2x the battery of the rest of the controller, and I *have no camera*.

Oh yeah... you make more money from accessories than almost anything else. You are perfectly fine with people dumping their broken stick, dead battery, broken button controllers every 2 years, even though I have DS3s which are going strong after 6. By then you will be a gaming monopoly, right? Screw the consumer?

...this may be the first gen I actually buy a 3rd party controller, even though I know you make licensing fees off those controllers as well.

I better see some improvements in the accessories, and some good games, like last gen. KZ:SF didn't cut it. Knack didn't cut it. Drive Club doesn't cut it at 30 fps on what is supposedly the fastest console. Kick it into gear, Sony, and do it quick. And 3rd party games? You know what I like almost as much as higher rez? Trigger rumble. I might actually like it more than rez.

You're already two strikes down, with the controller BS and the mediocre games, after all the hoopla and "we're the greatest" talk. Bring the gamer love. I know you have it in you. I have over 100 PS3 games on my shelf -- I didn't buy them because I disliked my PS3, or thought was gonna break.

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majiebeast2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

You probably got a faulty controller, it happens, trade it in at the store you bought it or website or just contact Sony directly. It sucks it happend, but there is no big conspiracy going on that they made the controller crap so you buy more of em.

You have a 1 year warranty on the controller and console use it.

DragonKnight2746d ago

My controller sticks are perfectly fine. The LED light of the controller doesn't drain much battery life. This blog sounds like your excuse to nitpick and cry about nothing.

"You're already two strikes down, with the controller BS and the mediocre games"

Mediocre games? What are you going to do, buy an Xbox One? Because at this rate, you should. You won't be missed.

All I can think of after reading this blog is...

Ulf2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

You disagree with NEOGaf on the light using most if the battery?

Do you have measured proof, like they do?

@below: Note there are 6 LEDs, not one. I'm surprised you're claiming knowledge of this, without that basic fact.

DragonKnight2745d ago

Yes I do. For one it's just NeoGAF, meaning no one special. Two, if you or they knew anything about LED lights, they'd know that the energy drain is minimal. To give you an idea, I have an LED Maglight flashlight. I haven't had to change the battery in 4 years despite not taking them out. Batteries, so long as they are connected, will lose power over time and my LED flashlight is still going strong after all this time and not one battery change.

So unless Sony is lying about the light being LED, then the battery drain is coming from something else entirely.

Valenka2745d ago

I'm truly questioning the credibility of your claims considering the fact that I have never heard a single complaint about the PS4's controllers thus far and I don't recall hearing complaints about the PS3's either. To base your opinion and mindset about Sony because of ONE faulty controller is absurd.

Your overall blog is so ridiculous, I feel like I went through a maze just trying to make sense of it. You go from complaining about a faulty controller to claiming the games are mediocre, when they're far from it.

"You're already two strikes down." Really? Considering you're the only person I've ever heard complain about the PS4 controller, you haven't the right to make such statements.

From what I've read here today, I've concluded that you just wanted to write a blog so you decided to make something up or exaggerate a small occurrence just to have something to write about.

Utter bollocks.

Ulf2745d ago

Do I seriously have to link all the reports of stick wear to you? Feel free to search on N4G -- that's what the tools are there for.

Valenka2745d ago

No, because thumbstick wear is completely normal and understandable depending on how thick and durable the material is and how they're being handled. If you're handling them like some sort of wild animal, of course they're going to wear more easily. However, nothing wears faster than the thumbsticks on the Razer Onza controllers.

I haven't had a single issue with the PS4 controller's thumbsticks nor the battery and you're the first person I've heard complaining.

"Feel free to search on N4G -- that's what the tools are there for."

Actually, if you're writing a blog about something like this, especially when your complaints are suspect, it's your responsibility to use evidence and additional information to back up your claims. You should have included commentary from others in your blog.