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Microtranaction and Modernization in modern gaming.

This topic that I hate with passion and I will never stand this. So I will say it right away. I’m really hate MT and modernization in AAA games. Let me explain.

Microtranaction is like you buying a currency with real money in game and to buy everything first if you are very impatient person. Sure, it’s optional like everyone said, but it’s not really. It’s an excuse for publishers to earn more money. These publishers are not aiming the old generation gamer like us. They are aiming on younger generations to abuse the microtranaction even more. This also lead to modernization is like publishers use these practices to test player psychology by make the progressions slower and tedious for player to complete and earn.

GT Sports has MT that allow you buy car with real money. It take away with the satisfaction of rewarding. Forza Horizon 4 don’t have Microtranaction but I hear some people said the modernization of the game is awful. This annoying the hell out of me in both ways. Because you don’t feel complete and rewarded. It’s just feel shallow and empty. Not just two games, there are more games have been use these practices for a long time.

People said DMC4 SE did have microtranaction but the original DMC4 that was release in 2008 didn’t have it. Now DMC 5 is not hiding it and some people do have their right to speak it out. You know why ? It’s take out the learning curve of the game.

The good old gaming was about earning rewards by yourself and satisfaction was a big part of it. But now, it is fading away slowly.

These publishers won’t flip the switch because if they flipped the switch, the game community be would outrageous about it. But if they killed it slowly until it died. It’s like boiling the frog slowly until it died.

That’s just my point of view. People can defend the MT and Modernization all they want. But publishers will keep abusing it and these people will realize that it was mistake.

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GravityMilk107d ago

you are right but the publisher always think of money also they think of their share holders more than the fans and i have solution for that. if you play the game on PC then you can hack the game with cheat engine app or wemod infinity app or there website called mrantifun XD that's what am going to do if i see that i have to pay Micro-transaction to the single player game that am already owned. by the way all the problem i see now is the money which is the publisher is greedy and want more and the fan want a good game that deserve to be payed and for normal price. nice topic love it as dashie says keep it going.

The_KELRaTH106d ago

The game content gets smaller and smaller, DLC content gets smaller, prices keep going up far beyond inflation, and micro transaction content is getting larger while earned or random drops get smaller and smaller - and if that wasn't enough the game coding is generally full of errors that often never get fixed.