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Three companies with one goal : The Market Share

Couple days ago, Sony allowed cross play with Xbox One and Switch. A good day for gamers, right ? True and I won’t argue about it. But I don’t like people saying Microsoft is for gamer which is wrong entirely just like Sony and Nintendo. All they want is market share. Let me explain.

Market share is the portion of a market controlled by a particular company or product. A lot of people know about this and some people don’t. Now people question me why cross play have to do anything with this ? Because it has to with economic system include profit and production value and the user base. MS and Nintendo have less market share than Sony. When MS and Nintendo allowed cross play, the user base and market share have increased rapidly. If I remember correctly, MS announced their revenue have been increased faster than last year which has to do with cross play, but they didn’t mention about Nintendo have involved with it which is weird. It’s like MS think Nintendo market share is their now. Hmm, that’s interesting.

Another one is that Bethesda insulted Sony for not using crossplay. But when Sony lift the restrictions, Bethesda said that they didn’t have plan for it which sound less exciting than I expected. Some people said that MS used Bethesda as a swear campaign to force Sony to jump in. That plan was successful.

Okay, that’s about it. I know a lot of people think i’m delusional, Xbox and Nintendo hater and hypocrites. You people maybe right to call me that, but the fact still remain. Three companies only want one thing the market share just like companies.

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SuperSonic91107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

"We all wanna win but its how one plays the game that makes a whole lotta difference" - Dennis Rodman

PS4 plays the game with great heart.
Xbox and Nintendo plays dirty becuse they just do it for the money. They have no visiin where to take gaming.

Ps4 is indeed worthy of its great success.

MWH105d ago

Sony or any other company may appear consumer friendly at times but it's not in any shape or form a charity.

there's no angels and demons in business.

100d ago
SuperSonic91107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

The wars that USA gets involve with are just means to make money at the expense of people's lives.

Business men make them happen not patriots.

Same with this damned console wars.

They are instigated by the media ti make money at the expense of peoples lives.

Petebloodyonion102d ago

The only problem with your story is the fact that it was developers like Epic, Namco, Psyoniix and others who were requesting crossplay with all platform Not Microsoft (as a console manufacturer) and Nintendo. What they did was saying yes to the demands of these developers while Sony said NO!

Just like Sony, MS and Nintendo don't have a lot to gain by allowing crossplay. Will you buy an Xbox 1 (or Switch) because you can play Fortnite with ps4 users? And the more time spent on Fortnite (for all platform) is time, less spent on Forza, Halo, Mario, and others 1st party games meaning less purchases and profit.
Ask yourself aside good press and pr, what does MS gain by having you play Fortnite with a ps4 user?

Now why allowing crossplay?
Because, just like you, publishers are Sony, Ms and Nintendo's and pleasing them is also important (remember ps5 and Scarlet are coming).