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Sony Strategy

Many years, people talked about Sony tactics and their attitude toward consumers. You can say that they are not active a lot to consumers like MS and not quality enough like Nintendo. And people can say that Sony is arrogant like others as well which is true. But here two reasons why Sony can stand their own and they always will:

Action speak lounder than words. Sony has been doing this since the beginning of PS. They only talk when it’s necessary.

Their direction are way different which is good thing. From beginning, they want to make sure game is always about fun but they can make a compelling story at the same time.

I want to it clear that Sony isn’t perfect. They made mistakes in the past and present and they will make mistakes again in the future. But they want to make sure entertainment always come first. Like I said before, Sony can stand their own.

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KuroMadoshi55d ago

Actually Sony almost went under, its only saving grace is the performance of the PlayStation division, this gen. And that too is highly attributed to the debacle that the Xbox One reveal. So, I don't agree that Sony can stand its own.
Yes, PS made good decisions and made more of them.

AspiringProGenji55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

He is talking about Sony PlayStation not Sony company.

Silly gameAr55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Man, this feels like a comment from the 360 days. People were really hoping Sony would go away in those days.

chadwarden52d ago

Maybe you should study Sony's financial reports over the last few years. There weren't even close to "going under" as they still had billions in assets.

KuroMadoshi50d ago

Nokia had billions in assets.

jaycptza49d ago

actually their finance division was fine

forevercloud300047d ago

Many people think the pS4 is only a success due to xbox ones early failings yet if you look at the trend the playstation was always likely to dominate.

Sony had one bad gen in PS3, which all things considered they bounced back hard and actually passed 360 total sales. The ps3 was always out pacing 360 but the year head start created a rhetoric of inferior performance.

Playstation has dominated 3 out of 4 generations it has been apart of. And not small wins but titan owning of it. Ps1,ps2, and now ps4 have all had more than 50% market share which is insane.

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gangsta_red55d ago

What is this? Is this a rally of the troops or something?

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DefenderOfDoom252d ago

SONY does put fun first in their video games.

JamieJohn50d ago

Reading through this has actually been pretty tough. I'm not entirely sure what the overall message is. But good on you.