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The Story Element

Gone are the days where japanese games truly reigned supreme over all, in fact one could even argue that Japan is now actually going to start falling behind with the great technological advances in Europe and America.

Whether this happens or not I still believe Japan produces truly the greatest games! I mean if you look at games like COD4, Oblivion, Ratchet and Clank (all one of the best in thier game genre) they fall short to games like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy every time on the story front. Sure they all provide inticing gameplay, nice graphics and an engrossing story: but thier story's are never comparable to the likes of a Final Fantasy.

This emotional story element for me is one of the most important aspects of games and one that I have not yet seen come from outside Japan. I love the stories of Final Fantasy so much that I can ignore the turn based battle system in it! I usually find the system so tedious in games, but the story is engrossing enough to pull me through that.

The cinematic quality of these games threatens the movie industry in fact! Why pay to see a story unfold before you when you can be part of that story?

So other developers should take a leaf out of Square Enix's and Konami! =)

first one i've done of these blog things he he... There pretty fun!

Alexander Roy5596d ago

I agree. MGS3 was the first game to make me cry - I just sat there when the epilogue carried on and couldn't keep my eyes dry. That's nothing a review could have told me.
There are some games that aren't just games, but art, imho.

socomnick5595d ago

:P if that made you cry for the love of god neva play Lost Oddysey :P whole daam game tries to pull your heartstrings .

LastDance5596d ago

yeah dude... Nothing beats a great story..
stories, True or make-believe can change peoples lives.

Tomdc5596d ago

chuck norris makes snake cry lol


Striker Is The Worst Mortal Kombat Character Of All Time

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Vengeance113810h ago

Of course they are, Microsoft doesn't have an original bone in their body. Look to Sony for innovation!

Einhander19728h ago

The sad thing is even if the product is lower quality and cost more "for some reason" the same press that tried to destroy the Portal will say it's the best thing ever.

TheRealHeisenberg10m ago

Your very own Playstation fanboys were destroying the Portal. You can't blame the media for that.

Vits5h ago

Unlikely, Sony's attempt at a streaming handheld is a very specific one. It's not a handheld, it's a controller with a display that needs a PS5 main unit to function. That is completely the opposite of what Microsft is doing with Gamepass which is making it available as a solo service in as many products as possible. So if they were to really release a handheld it would be much more similar to other more traditional devices like the Logitech G-Cloud and the Abxylute.

As for the idea of a handheld that runs things natively. I doubt they are going to release one as there was nothing about it on those leaked new versions. But they could potentially make something based on the Zen 1/ Zen 1 Extreme. I just don't think they will.

blackblades32m ago

Native handheld is just pointless at this point for both. With Nintendo world, then pc handhelds and now mobile taking a leap with having console games being native.

ocelot071h ago

Didn't Microsoft partner with Linx a few years ago for a similar device. A tablet that had a Xbox controller attached to it for gamepass.

Fishy Fingers1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

One is a (optional extra) Wii U.

One is (probably) a phone with buttons, without the phone.

Neither of wihich are similar, neither are remotely original.

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SDuck19m ago

it's an idle game, not much to play with. Just improve your status, learn each character's abilities and set up a good enough team to move forward (in auto mode).
That said, it's been entertaining me so far and after watching the season 1 and trying to read the comic, this is by far the prettiest way to follow Tower of God's story (no idea why Crunchyroll made the anime almost as ugly as the comic)