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From Then Til Now: An Amazing Gaming Journey

I feel lucky to be one of those to say I have been around since the dawn of gaming. Born in the early 70s, I got to see the beginning of what would become one of the most sought after hobbies in human history. Something shared by those, young and old. An industry that was born in peoples basements and garages, to the multi million dollar corporations listed on the stock exchange. From crude 10 pixel sprites to the million plus polygon characters we play today. The amazing journey Ive taken, through the eyes of those who made these worlds for me to explore. To do things, I could never do in real life. Many memories made reflected off the monitor of cabinets that witnessed family gatherings and first kisses, heartbreaks and granted wishes. To go back and live them over again, would be a true blessing. As the times Ive had gaming, were some of the best in my life, and for those Ive created and many yet to come... I am truly humbled and happy.

I remember seeing Dragons Lair in a Supercade at the Capitol City Mall in Camp Hill, PA back in 1983 and thinking graphics couldn't get any better. Even though it was just a glorified movie, stitched together by joystick movements and button presses, it was still a game. Now, we are finally at the point where visuals and animation can match the beauty of that game in real time. It just makes me step back and smile. I cant believe we are finally here and to think what will be possible towards the end of this generation and the beginning of next. I guess you would have to have been alive and kicking in gamings infancy to truly appreciate the journey. From the smell of the arcade, to the music and good times waiting every Friday and Saturday night. Its just amazing how the industry and hobby have grown. Arcades were the epicenter of teenage angst in the late 70s and early 80s. Something truly expressed by pop culture, without limitation. Whereas in the 90s, adults tried to sweep it under the carpet as something for kids. Denying their own roots, to please those around them. Forgetting the fun they had, just a few years before.

Im happy that gaming is back as that pop culture phenomenon it once was. More popular than ever, from cellphone classics of yesteryear... To the console and PC powerhouses of the future. It is Ok for everyone to be a gamer, not something to be hidden away from the publics eye to save reputation and ridicule from those who forgot what fun is.

A toast to you, me and to those who've taken this hobby from the past, into the future and beyond. We are all united by our love and passion for something that allows us to be everything we've always wanted and more... Gaming.

Themba763372d ago

me to man born in 76 remember seeing 2600 in 82 the first time i started playing videogames never looked back

memots3371d ago

Same here born in 75, I had the telstar ranger as my first console. Had vic 20 computer for gaming, Atari 2600 was my favorite console until Nintendo 8bit, it changed everything.

Cheers to all gamers of the world :)

Pwnage182023372d ago

Pure beauty! I may have been born in the mid 90's although starting off playing games like Doom, Quake and seeing games today makes me appreciate how game have evolved so well!

memots3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

lol i have spent way to much time of my life playing Quake 2 competitive. First time we heard about clan and i was part of one. We had practice and were talking a lot of smack with out Dial up modem !! What a time ! :)

Pwnage182023366d ago

O god dial up! That was horrendous! The noises that it makes when its working ugh! Although it was definitely an interesting time.

memots3371d ago

How odd is it to read something positive on N4G ...

Pwnage182023366d ago

Very Odd sir! Not everybody on this side is a fanboy for a console or a game series. Some people like everything!

theXtReMe13367d ago

Thanks for all of your great memories. I love reading them. Keep them coming.