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Yesterdays Games Are Todays Corporate Cash Cows, A Thank You To Indie Developers

Have you ever been playing a game and just stop to think, this game really isnt any different than the games I played last gen, or the gen before? Sure, the visuals may have improved, but the gameplay hasnt changed. Call Of Duty hasnt evolved, it is just prettier. The same could be said for 99% of games released in the past 10 years. Very little innovation, just repetition. It seems the game industries motto has become, if it isnt broke... Dont fix it. Dont innovate it. Just leave it alone and make it prettier.

Games like PilotWings, Sim City and Mirrors Edge giving way to sequel after sequel of the best selling gimmick game on the market. Companies so wrapped up in stock quotes and investor relations to care about industry innovation. Many CEOs, not gamers at all.

Ive been gaming since the days of Pong and have seen the entire run of innovation over the years. Now, the industry has really become stagnant. Most innovation being done by Indie developers, out to prove themselves against the corporate giants who stagnate and flood the market with me too titles, meant to squeeze gamers wallets, more than entertain them.

I just wanted to take my hat off and thank each and every one of those Indie developers, who have the insight and forethought to drive the industry forward. Not giving in to monetary conventions, in lieu of pushing the unusual and interesting. Without you, I fear the industry would collapse under the weight of corporate greed and sequelitis. Games like Angry Birds and No Mans Sky, The Witness and Outlast. Games that prove you dont need 100 man teams to create great works of art, no matter how simple or complex in nature.

We should all bow our heads and give thanks to the creative minds behind these industry moving titles. Without them... we would be stuck playing through the same games, year after year, with little to no innovation. At the mercy of corporations quarterly financials and not gamers hopes and dreams.

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1. Make old game HD
2. Add trophies/achievements
3. Profit