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Why Video Games Should Stay a Sport

An article recently has brought up this blog

So why should games be considered a sport?

If kicking, smacking, throwing, a ball into a hole, goal, etc.. to score a point is considered a sport then why not games?
Running in a straight line for 100m, speed reading, board games, etc... are sports as well so why shouldnt gaming not be considered a sport?

A average person would not think games should be a sport but there are very skilled gamers and there are also very skilled football players that seperate an average player from a pro.

It is harder for those to see skill in gaming because they do not know what is going on or are used to big sports like football, basketball, golf, hockey, track and field, etc... to see that sports do not have to be like that.

In many sports there are many different things going on that each player has to think about and do. There is no difference with that and gaming.

What skilled gamers think about in a short amount of time and then having to do it is harder to see if you do not understand the game unlike in many popular sports you can see what they are trying to do very fast.

I have no idea how korean's play star craft the way they do but because I can understand what they are doing it is impressive. If someone that does not know anything about it sees them play then they would think that they are just pressing random keys on the keyboard.

For us to see if games should be considered a sport lets see what sport means
1.An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.

2. Entertainment; fun

3.A source of amusement or entertainment

Now I will prove how gaming can meet all of those three things.

1.Chess is a sport and it has almost zero physical exertion. Gaming has more physical exertion then chess so if chess is considered a sport then why shouldnt games?

2.Many people find gaming entertaining and fun

3.Same reason as #2

Here is a quote from wiki(I know, not the best source)
"Electronic sports, abbreviated e-sports is used as a general term to describe the play of video games competitively. Other terms include competitive gaming, professional gaming, cybersports and v-sports. One of the founding fathers of electronic sports leagues is Angel Munoz, founder of the Cyberathlete Professional League)."

There are many that have their own views on what should be a sport or not so you can have many different opinions. How I see it is that if this sport can be considered a sport then why can't this be also?

-Alpha4372d ago

Electronic sports is considered a sport, I have no problem calling certain games sports, but I'd rather just call it competitive gaming

xX-StolenSoul-Xx4371d ago

For me sports are Physical Activities, like Alpha says, competitive gaming seems like a better term.

Either way it goes it can still be defined as a sport.

Ingram4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

If you make a competitive LAN party or something then yes, might be contextually considered a "sport".

However, gaming itself is not a sport, its existentialist implications are much deeper than that.

It is a temporal evasion of death, by living in other worlds created by us.
A brief moment of immortality through our power to imagine, the only and true complete empathy in which we choose to become absolute puppet masters or puppets.

Games are the pure embodiment of hope that our identity persists through death, games ultimately prove god/s exists, for if any intellectually superior being exists in the universe, and that's practically a given, imagine how better might be the "worlds" they created: As good as the living universe itself.
Again, games are the materialized subsconcious derivation of that unavoidable fact.

Just extrapolate and imagine the future of games and how they will tend to surround us and inmerse us in them, and then you could possibly agree: our own world is a creation, a huge work of art.
Games are not "a sport", they are the purest mental manifestation of our own small spark of divinity, our power to create and destroy worlds.

At least that's how a hardcore gamer sees it, right?
...right guys?

*cricket sounds*


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