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What if all Final Fantasies Were Connected?

The original Final Fantasy was Squares last effort in staying afloat in the video game market,Hironobu Sakaguchi was given the task to pull on Squares last resources and create a game. This game was called Final Fantasy (believing that it would be Hironobu last game).

A note in the image shown it connects Oerba with Fisherman's Horizon and Costa Del Sol.

The game was an overwhelming success and it left fans wanting more but since it was thought to be their last game it didn't lend itself to a squeal, this meant that Square would tweak and change the new game it was creating as well as give it a new setting and group of characters. This was, and still is, the tradition of Final Fantasy; having a new group and setting for each Roman numeral game.

However the question I pose to you is what of there is some connection to all the games? What if the timeline of Final Fantasy can be connected and like Star Wars they just released the order in a mixed up way?

This blog will try and created some sort of timeline though user input is very much welcomed as I am still trying to flesh out earlier game details and missing the MMORPG Final Fantasy 11.

For my very basic timeline I am going to start with:

Final Fantasy 1, the original Fantasy is my first game in the timeline. Final Fantasies 2,3 and 4 are all legends pass down. This land was a very basic land with simple towns and villages and I felt was a good starting point. When the 4 heroes of light saved the world peace was returned and kingdoms grew, one kingdom saw rapid growth and that was the kingdom of Alexandria!

Final Fantasy 9 I though was a great place to continue as many themes from Final Fantasy 1 crossed over to 9. Garland somehow survived the battle in FF 1 and was buying time to when he could return. The myths of Final Fantasy 2 (told in final fantasy 1 -keep with me-) talked of a place called Castle Pandemonium which is where Garland took Zidane to fight. However Garland again once failed in his attempt and Alexandria and indeed the whole world was safe to live and prosper, generation after generation passed and soon the land change to a more arid and dry place, not only the land but the royal family name changed hands and soon rested on the name Dalmasca.

Final Fantasy 12 has very little of note but it makes sense to place it here along next to final fantasy 5, after the players beat Exdeath in 5 a world is reborn however in my timeline Exdeath's spirit lived on and infected Kefka in many generations to come. Kefka sought destruction and when he was eventually defeated too the world once again resorted to. Here is where my timeline has more substance.

Final Fantasy 7 was another grueling challenge for the earth and nearly signaled the end thanks to Sephiroth. The landmarks we need to take note of are The Golden Saucer, Midgar and Costa Del Sol.

The Technology advancing pollution became more prevalent and thus the melting of the Northern region of FF 7's Map this caused a tidal shift and serious floods, this effect was most felt on costa del sol which became stranded in the middle of the ocean, with no means of escape the tiny island adapted and built upwards and build windmills to sustain power and even further along the line a bridge that extended to each continent. This place was a great spot to fish and soon became know as Fisherman's Horizon (FH)

FH as we all know is from FF 8, but what of the other two places I mentioned, well Midgar was also swept by the water, the top people and Shinra built a submarine that they could use endlessly and created experiments on, this sub marine was called Deep Sea Research Centre. We all know what happened there and the trials Squall and his companions had to face. Final the Golden Saucer was lost only to be resurrected in another time.

After the ending to Final Fantasy 8 technology continued to advance which brought us to FF 13 and a new Shinra born (still up to their same tricks) and they are using people to help power the earth. However my guess as to why 13/13-2 is in the time line is because of Oerba, if you walk across the bridge in 13 or stand at its shores in 13-2 you see the windmills of FH and the beach of Costa Del Sol! Oerba is the spiritual successor in the timeline. Then there is Serendipity, tales of a place many ages ago by the name of the golden saucer was a well known tale and one man sought to recover this lost haven, he eventually stumbled upon its remains in a desert where water used to lie there is where he founded Serendipity and revived Chocobo racing. Other nods to why FF 13 & 13-2 come here is in the Brain Blast Quiz where there is a nod to when Cloud had to escape the prison at the Golden Saucer by entering a Chocobo race (though it was refereed to as a legend (this was 100's of generations before the events in 13-2)

However sometime after Final Fantasy 13-3 happened when technology was at its peak and a new city was born under the name Zanarkand.

Final Fantasy 10 is my clear choice for the end point in this timeline and here are my reasons: In the world which is now dubbed Spira there is a lot of water, so much in fact that a flood must have occurred or some natural disaster, we know from Spira's past that great machines were used and eventually a war broke out. If we delve further into the past before this war that is where Tidus lived which was sometime after 13.

This brings me to the end of my timeline but like I said I would love user input or even a re-write, this is only a rough draft :)

Oerba having characteristics of FH (windmill and bridge and the beach including the stairs to the beach just like Costa Del Sol)

Godmars2903740d ago

It would be the Tales of series and likely lead to messes such as we're suffering now. Namely largely unliked characters and watered down plot lines which have been stretched over several games.

DragonKnight3740d ago

This is interesting, and although I could mention several flaws, instead I'm going to point you to a more official linking of at least 2 FF games. Those being FFX-2 with FFVII.

Check this out.

Tell me that isn't messed up.

DragonKnight3740d ago

I know right? I actually upset a few people with this information. LOL.

TuxedoMoon3740d ago

It's really hard to conclude that they are all connected...or try to connect them. It was a fun read, but there were a few flaws with the time line. there are just way too different from each other to be connected. It's not like Zelda where there are several connecting threads.