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Oh boy, COD is a tactical shooter...

This is dedicated to the 2 people posters who said COD wasn't a tactical shooter. One poster said he doesn't think people want a tactical shooter, then I responded that the 2 of the most popular shooters of this gen, are based on tactical gameplay but Socom is the pinnacle(give or take) of the this style, which was followed by the usual illogical COD hate and trolling.

This is the definition of tactical:1. Of, relating to, or using tactics.
a. Of, relating to, used in, or involving military or naval operations that are smaller, closer to base, and of less long-term significance than strategic operations.
b. Carried out in support of military or naval operations: tactical bombing.
3. Characterized by adroitness, ingenuity, or skill.

Anything there looks similar to COD?? The reason COD is categorized as tactical is 1 because of the modern military based gameplay and 2 because of the tactics players must take in order to be successful, such as weapon attachments, calling in airstrikes camoflauge etc etc. Please if you don't know what you're talking about ask a question and/or keep your insults to yourself sp you can save face. I never said I like COD, but I'm mature enough to recognize it's a good game atleast.

hennessey864575d ago

can be played using tactics but the one i hate the most is camping. campers should be burned alive

Emilio_Estevez4575d ago

Camping sounds pretty tactical. Wierd.

hennessey864575d ago

is a tactic used by players to gain easy kills. Its not the most impressive tactic but it is a tactic none the less and one i hate

telekineticmantis4575d ago

In a real war that is, it is unfair in a competition but war is not really a competition.

Danielmccue4573d ago

If you gonna stand in a corner for the whole match and just shoot people who wonder past you might aswell not play IMO.

just go play a different game if you don't like moving.

Trroy4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

All shooters have a tactical nature inherently.

Basically the ones with the strongest emphasis on tactics are called "Tactical Shooters", and the ones with lesser emphasis on tactics are not.

By those guidelines, CoD is not a tactical shooter. Games like SOCOM, R6V, GRAW, Operation Flashpoint -- those are tactical shooters. CoD has tactics, but the emphasis is lesser than in the other games I mentioned. It fits into more of a "cinematic" (often called "arcade" in MP.. I dunno why) shooter subgenre, with titles like Medal of Honor, and the Battlefield: Bad Company series.

I would argue that, even in the "cinematic shooter" subgenre, there are games more tactical than CoD -- like Battlefield, for instance. Basically any shooter which revolves more around out-thinking, or out-manuvering the enemy in a dynamic environment (by, for example, knocking down walls in Battlefield), and less around pure player response time and map memorization(sorry, but CoD is more dependant upon this than many other games) is a "tactical shooter".

CoD doesn't really qualify, despite its use of fundamental battlefield and team tactics (in MP). Teamwork and team tactics tend to win you the match in ANY game, though!


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shinoff21831d 10h ago

Ala dumbed it down for the masses. Hate when devs do that. You could tell in fallout 4. I got over 1k hours into it and enjoyed it but playing the older ones and comparing it definitely felt dumbed down

XiNatsuDragnel1d 5h ago

Cmon that's dumb my friend I like my challenge tbh.

gold_drake20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

but then thought

"meh all this depth to our game is too dumb and too difficult and too deep, lets dumb it down*

northpaws1h ago

Weaker AI, dumbed down system, 30fps, all design choices.

Brazz26m ago(Edited 26m ago)

And that's why Bethesda Will never again make a top tier RPG. Whenever they como UP with some " little more complex" and interesting mechanic, they will think about casuals and do something easy and "with no salt".

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Can't decide whether or not to buy it...

Is it more rpg or is it more mosou