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Why I think Nintendo beat Microsoft at E3

Everybody has shown their hands. E3 2013 had a lot of hopes for the industry. Who delivered? Who had the worst of the three? I will say, and many others would most definitely agree, Sony stole the show. Not only because of how many huge mistakes Microsoft have made, but because they handled their hardware showing the best of the three. Its no secret that anybody besides a fool would argue against Sony taking it to MS' heart, but how did the underdog (or at least that is what analysts and the media believe they are) Nintendo perform in comparison? Can you really argue that Nintendo, whom had no new hardware to show, outplayed a huge competitor who many (but not me) claimed would be the death of their new system? Yes. Yes you can.

Lets ignore that Microsoft is showing off a new console and start to look at this more constructively. Microsoft had so much to prove yesterday and one would say they failed at many angles. They had already confirmed fees were required to unblock used games for Xbox One. This was already factored against them. Add to that the poor reception at the original reveal and the fact was obvious to everybody. They NEEDED to deliver. I am going to take a non-biased look at Microsoft and say they did have some surprises. A new Killer Instinct has always been highly craved and many would argue a sequel is long overdue. They had Quantum Break and the unique looking Sunset Overdrive. Underneath all that coating however and you quickly see things could take a downturn. They have Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall, but we all know these two will be multiplatform the second Capcom and EA get the chance. All it will take is a huge middle finger and that is it.

On Nintendo's side, they have had struggles with Wii U not keeping momentum. On one side Wii U had a great launch lineup, but it didn't have the real killer app that made the masses rush out and buy it. And Mario U always seemed like something to get it off the ground while the big hitters came in. This is why I would argue Nintendo beat Microsoft. They have taken the right steps to gaining the system some decent momentum despite nay-sayers long claiming the system was all but done for the second PS4 and Xbox One surfaced. On one hand you can say that their E3 was somewhat predictable, but admit it. The striking visuals of Wind Waker, the topsy turvy Mario Kart, the slightly surprising Donkey that reared his head and the revelation that Mega Man was joining Smash Bros, that would have made pretty much every soon to be Wii U owner go "I'm sold". And yes I am disappointed by the 3D Mario but Bayonetta 2 and X look out of this world.

Nintendo have hit all the right notes in proving the nay-sayers (and unsurprisingly Michael Pachter) wrong yet again. Wii U is a contender for the long haul. Sure it doesn't pack the punch that these other new kids do visually. But that Wind Waker was good. Very good. That E3 was far superior to their blundered mess last year. If they had Monster Hunter or Bayonetta 2, why didn't they end the conference on them? Why did they confuse us with Nintendo Land? The whole presentation last year just seemed to make Wii U still seem as confusing as it did the year before. And this is why Nintendo delivered this year. That E3 surpassed last year's by a landslide. No doubt. And this is where my big criticism about Microsoft comes into it. And it should actually make you question Microsoft next generation more then Nintendo. This is why. Despite all the smoke and mirrors of games Xbox One had, they messed up again!

Ever since 2010 I (and many others) have argued Microsoft have consistently had the weakest E3 of the three of them. That is when Kinect started. And they haven't looked back since. Arguably Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct may have been enough for the masses to ignore Xbox One's forced online or used game payments. Except for one huge thing. The price! How anyone can defend the Xbox One as a decent alternative to anything at this point is beyond me. Nintendo have had the time they need to get their games ready. They will be coming hard and fast while the others are still facing the challenges of their launch. This is why I think Nintendo came a second. The fact that I am actually suggesting that Microsoft's conference was mishandled as badly as their conferences in previous years says it on the wall. If Sony shoved MS in the coffin, Nintendo put the nails in it. Once PS4 starts to get stuff like Dead Rising 3 and Titan then you are left with the same kind of criticisms that have plagued MS since the later years.

I will be fair and say they delivered on the games. No doubt. But the fact that these restrictions exist and the blunder of the price make it clear to me. Microsoft had the major advantage over Nintendo of having a new system which (from a technical standpoint) blows Wii U out of the water. THAT is why Microsoft have failed. Nintendo are on the road to getting Wii U off the ground. Microsoft are on the road to facing the same wall that Sony faced in 2007.

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OrangePowerz2932d ago

Every company winning over MS is a good company and they don`t deserve to win anything currently, unfortunately can`t approve yet stuff :(

I`m looking forward a lot to Mario Kart and hope they have some classic tracks in it as well from the N64 version and the Xenoblades sequel looks very good. The only two things that I expected, but didn`t happen was that there wasn`t a price cut announced and that they only showed super mario world but not a new full Mario game.

Still they showed some nice games and it wasn`t a disaster. I think for next year though they need to start showing more new IPs. Xenoblades and The Last Story where awesome games on the Wii and I would be happy to get more games of that quality and scale on the Wii U.

Kevlar0092932d ago

Was it really that difficult to beat MS? I mean they kind of defeated themselves

Nintendo had one job which was to show a wide variety of titles, ranging from Mario Kart and Smash to Bayonetta 2 and "X". Nintendo might have played it too safe, but you have to respect Retro's decision to perfect the DKC series they reignited

I'm still puzzled why Sonic didn't have a showing, though I suspect it was more because of Sega than Nintendo

At the end of the day can you really look at the full WiiU line-up and be dissapointed? I don't believe so