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Vita and Wii U. Failures how exactly?

The new year is here so I decided to make my first blog post. Perhaps a controversial topic but (as you can probably guess by the title) I would like to call in to question the "journalists", analysts and forum posters who insist they are doomed. I am defending both. Not one or the other. Both have received equal and unfair scrutiny where they don't deserve it.

All over you see forum posts and "news" proclaiming how the systems will fail for (insert flawed reasoning here). The reasoning is flawed because they don't know why people haven't bought a Vita or Wii U yet. They pretend to. But they don't.

Lets start with this crucial part. Maybe this is an opinion only I have but it is an opinion worth sharing. They claim the systems are failures in sales but they have just been released. It seems a system must miraculously take the globe by storm or it is a failure. It must sell out at each and every shop or it has failed to meet expectations. Expectations set by who exactly? Sony and Nintendo give sales/shipment targets they want to meet by the final deadline but they don't know set targets the months between. They are guessing. So the systems have had sluggish sales? They can always pick up later. I believe launch sales of both are very good because they have both outsold 360 and PS3 by this point in time.

Second point. Lets say these guys are right and I believe they are sales failures. You can't for one second claim to me they failed gamers. I am having way more fun on these "failures" then I had on the systems that came before them. If you actually look at both PSP and Wii when they launched, they relied more on something they had in the hardware rather then the things gamers really care about. GAMES!

Both had something really new and unique at the time. It was that that got people interested. I found it very difficult to get excited about PSP from a games perspective when that came out. The big thing that excited me was obviously Liberty City Stories on the go. That was the appeal for PSP. It was a true console quality handheld. An idea that hadn't been explored yet. Wii is exactly the same story. It was a new way of playing games that got both core and casual gamers alike to look at it in fascination. Neither had a truly varied library of quality AAA games on offer at their launches. Sure there was Wipeout and Twilight Princess but what else coming in the pipeline?

Now look at what Vita and Wii U are selling themselves on. With both you see a similar concept. Both have great potential for amazing games when the technology becomes more accepted if Vita can be used with PS3 as much as the Gamepad is with Wii U. But to the general public see it more as "been there done that". The interesting part of both systems was done already. Vita has the thing PSP offered. Wii U has the thing (interestingly enough) DS offered. Nothing new. But lets not look at it like that and look at this from the perspective of being gamers.

Picture yourself back at the store for launch day of both. Look at the games on the shelf. With Vita you see ports of amazing games which you can now take with you. Ports which were staggeringly low on PSP. UMVC3, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Blazblue. Then you have amazing quality games from Sony. And just look at what you have to look forward to. Compare the list you are looking at on Vita with PSP, which (again this is my opinion) only has GTA to truly wow me. The point where I was disappointed is where I realize that Activision see Declassified as nothing more then a poor cash-in.

Look at Wii U and you see exactly the same thing. You go to the shop and you see Mass Effect, Tekken, Assassin's Creed. You should be in heaven as a gamer. Now once again, let us study the list of games currently announced for Wii U compared to Wii. Notice how much better it looks? In fact I not only challenge you to compare these to their own predecessors, but also the competition. Look at 360 and PS3 when they came out. And lets not even talk about DS and 3DS.

This is where we Vita and Wii U owners get the last laugh. Sure NOW those systems have more to offer but they are established and have install bases. If you are looking at this on the first year, not only do we have way more to us occupied at launch (and quality not just quantity) we have more games announced to look forward to on the first year then you guys as well. Which is why I say the majority of Vita and Wii U owners would probably say "Yes! I am having a much better time on my new one then I had on PSP/Wii when they came out. Or even 360 and PS3 for that matter!"

Failures in sales? Maybe but they can always pick up. Failures to me? If we are talking games then they have been the biggest successes in the world for a first year lineup. Now let us glare at Activision and how they let us down on their horrid attempt at a "console quality" portable CoD.

If you agree with this I recommend throwing it around to anyone else having more fun on their new Vita/Wii U then they had on their PSP and Wii when they came out.

shivvy243971d ago

im pretty sure vita will pick up once theres a price drop , i cant simply throw $250 at a handheld cause im more of a couch console gamer, if it reaches that $150 - $200 mark then yea

e-p-ayeaH3971d ago

Not exactly failures they just don't impress people a lot really.

Axe993970d ago

I'm not sure about that - the Vita has impressed every gamer I know IRL that I've spoken with. Plenty of internet fanboys that don't like it, but very few actual gamers. The vast majority of gaming journalists who have a go at it generally attack the number of games available - I haven't found a credible source that actually doesn't like the hardware (and there are far more games for the Vita than the haters'd have you think).

As for the Wii U, it's fighting the impression the Wii left in a lot of gamers' mouths, but every RL gamer I know who's played it has really enjoyed it, at least at first, although they've found the OS and online side of it to be a bit lacking.

Axe993970d ago

+1 - good to seem some perspective out there :). Brace yourself for the system "whichever" is doomed when the next Xbox and Playstation launch when they both sell multiple millions in a short period of time, but one is a million or so behind the other and there will have "failed" [rolls eyes].

Zool 083970d ago

I remember when the 360 first launched, it was outclassed and outsold by the PS2 at the time, The same especially for the PS3, it was outclassed and outsold by the 360 at the time of its launch and all the doom merchants predicting their failures at the time their early days, well look where they are now. On a final note the PSP was also slow at launch and so was the 3DS and the prophecy of doom reared their ugly heads, look where they are now. So whats to say the Wii u or The Vita wont be as successful? If they're implying in Wii u's case of not being as technically advanced as the next generation PlayStation or Xbox, well Wii was the technically the weakest of the three but yet was the most successful of this generation just like the PS2 of the last generation. As for the Vita well you've only got to look at the early days of the 3DS and the PSP didn't exactly take the world by storm either did they?


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