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Why a 2015 PS4 release is more likely then people think

The world is shifting into next generation. New handhelds are already out. Nintendo have just got their console out in the US and at the time I write this it is literally less then 2 days away for Europe. But Nintendo is not the only one with rumors running around with next generation systems. The biggest rumors are coming from Microsoft. Most word of mouth, internet sources and a certain leaked document (supposedly legit) all point to a late 2013 release. The safe bet is November given Microsoft love that month. But what of Sony? When do they plan to launch realistically? According to a recent one liner by Official Playstation Magazine, it is further along then you think it is.

OPM got together a collection of PS4 rumored games. What was the most interesting part was that they claimed there was a game in development from the now closed Team Bondi. The quote reads as follows: "This one has been knocking around for a while, but the 2015 launch date may just tickle the back end of PS4’s launch window."

A launch window in 2015? When do they plan to launch this exactly? If this statement is accurate we shouldn't expect it until the end of 2014 at the very earliest. It is no secret that Sony have confessed they are last. They lost a lot of money when PS3 launched and they will want to make that money back. The "10 year plan" for PS3 is something that Sony spoke about from the very beginning. Now some have argued that it can mean 10 year support and Sony can still launch before that. The question is do they want to? You may look with a huge question mark but hold off when I say this, a 2015 release is actually very likely.

As much as people want to, they cannot look at this from a perspective of a consumer. The way Sony will be looking at it is business. They want the system to be profitable. But they also want it to have some kind of leap. There has been some debate across multiple game forums on if Sony will take the profit approach and cut the specs down, or if they won't care about their finances and make a leap despite the fact it is severely risking their business. I think they will wait it out. I think this "10 year plan" of their's is actually a plan made before they move on. If you look at this from a financial perspective, it makes a lot of sense.

As mentioned above, Sony want to milk PS3 for all it is worth. They will want to take as much money back that the cell and Blu-Ray player stole from them. But there are other problems on the table you need to consider. They are still moving around their other businesses that are making heavier losses. But perhaps the most crucial point about a new console coming out close to the next Xbox is that there is an obstacle preventing them because (very sadly) the public is just not being swayed towards it. The Vita.

Now look at this from Sony's point. Nintendo managed to get 3DS off the ground, despite this doomsday prophecy about smart phones destroying dedicated handhelds. Sony put a lot of money in Vita. They have confirmed they are moving to shrink their losses made on Vita as the next year progresses. But it won't help unless Vita catches on. But in order for them to do that, attention must be moved towards it.

This is the problem. Vita still has time to pull through. Despite what people tell you in forums, there are still plenty of chances. But it can only happen if Sony put their attention to it. And they won't just stand back and watch as it fails after a slow Christmas. Sony are better then that. Internet trolls are saying it is all over for the Vita. Not really. But the price being paid will be lack of focus on consoles.

It would be way smarter of Sony to make Vita pull through then to just forget it to speed up PS4 development. So if they put their focus on Vita next year to get it to pull through is it bad for PS4? I say no.

I know what you are thinking. Microsoft will get the jump on them again. While that is true it is also true that it doesn't matter what Microsoft do, some just won't buy the Xbox. They want Playstation. They see it as worth waiting for. The interesting thing here is, Sony would be considerably late, but it would have all their problems solved from a financial perspective. PS3 will continue to sell well into 2015. People will still want it. Then as Vita is selling their two major concerns will be dealt with. They can move on. Waiting until this late to launch could also hold Gran Turismo off and give the developers the time they constantly ask for, and Sony could have their big system seller ready.

But most of all, it gives Sony the target specs they want in the console, while also making it profitable since the cost of the parts will come down in 3 years. They can also launch it at a much more competitive price then if they were to launch it around the same time as Microsoft. It makes perfect financial sense when you look at it from Sony's view. I love Sony as much as the next guy, but they cannot keep taking losses like this. Even in their game division. There is only so much they can take. This would also show that Sony don't care about Microsoft's move and are worrying more about their own skin.

If you look at this from their view it makes great sense. A 2015 launch is actually more likely then you'd think. It isn't just about who gets the jump on who. It is about money. Sony need money to make more consoles. They can't keep up their current path of making "future proofed" hardware and make money on it. The only question is, if this was to come to pass, would you be willing to wait that long?

When all is said and done, system launches happen when the company is ready. Not when people are. And the writing is on the wall they definitely aren't ready for late next year.

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iamnsuperman3127d ago

I think Sony has come out and said they are not going to be last to release their console this generation. So expect when Microsoft releases their console the PS4 will be before or even same day. Now when it depends when Microsoft releases their console.

jadenkorri3126d ago

MS proved that releasing when not ready works, so its no longer when sony releases the ps4, it will come out same times as the 720. I give a month or 2 at max, whether prior or after.

hennessey863127d ago

It it is possible thy the ps4 could release in 2015, Sony are in financial trouble and releasing a new console at a high cost could e a disaster for them.

TacticAce3127d ago

IT will be more of a disaster if they let microsoft get a 2 year jump on them, it was bad enough microsoft got one year this generation.

Christopher3127d ago

Because waiting longer always solved one's money issues.

Poor excuse. Sony as a whole may be in financial trouble, but it's not because of what they've done with the PS3 or the games. It's because they thought the market was interested in overpriced TVs and the like.

If Sony is going to fix itself, it needs to fix the issues. But that doesn't mean waiting for those issues to get fixed before they go to market.

If Sony doesn't go to market at the same time as Microsoft, releasing a year later isn't going to do them any good when Microsoft will make sure that every multiplatform game is required to be of similar quality or they won't put it out on their platform(s). Kind of the same way they currently are very picky about allowing former PS/Wii exclusives from making it onto their platform.

rainslacker3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Your last point is something that a lot of people overlook in today's generation. Microsoft actually does have a policy that games on their system cannot be drastically better on another platform.

The reason there are not that many 3rd party exclusives anymore is because the cost of game production has gotten so high. There is no clear dominate console like with the PS2. Because of this, games are made to the largest audience possible, which is why almost every 3rd party game(in the western market) has been multi-plat.

There's really no point in Sony making a drastically better machine spec wise, because it would go underutilized by 95% of the games out there.

If I had to guess at a time frame, I'd say it would be late 2013 to mid 2014. This is because most announced games are coming out before then. Any really big title we would have heard about already, so it would be plausible that we haven't heard announcements because future games are for a new unannounced system.

JellyJelly3124d ago

"Your last point is something that a lot of people overlook in today's generation. Microsoft actually does have a policy that games on their system cannot be drastically better on another platform."

In80% of the cases multiplatform games are better on the 360 than on the PS3. I think it has more to do with hardware difficulties for developers than policies from MS.

Christopher3124d ago

***In80% of the cases multiplatform games are better on the 360 than on the PS3. I think it has more to do with hardware difficulties for developers than policies from MS.***

Not necessarily hardware difficulties so much as many engines are still tailored towards utilizing PC-similar architectures. It is still the fault of the devs for the discrepancies in 99% of the cases (either when PS3 looks better or 360 looks better) but it tends to come down to have small those differences are and if they are worth them going in and fixing those by hand or leaving them as is. In 90% of those cases, the discrepancies are only noticeable unless you sit there and analyze the two side-by-side but are otherwise both similar in look and performance and do not affect the user experience in any noticeable manner, if at all.

EffectO3127d ago

If Sony plans to release PS4 in 2015 then they should just scrap PS4 and go third party like Sega.

PS3 hardware and software sales are tanking hard(not just PS3,whole gaming industry has gone to shit but this is Sony topic).This is not 2005 anymore consumers have way too much (quality)choices now.

"Nintendo managed to get 3DS off the ground"
And yet its 2012 BF numbers are 50% down YOY.

2013 will be a slaughterhouse.

mushroomwig3127d ago

Hardware and software are above that of the 360, the PS3 has a bigger market share and doing very well. Tanking hard? Not even close, sorry.

Christopher3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Ugh... hardware and software sales for the PS3 are far from tanking... Unless by tanking you mean still making a profit on par with the competition.

The reduction in software and hardware sales are common this late in the generation. There are fewer games being developed, less of a market to reach with the hardware. It's not "tanking" just following the standard trend as new IPs are being held off on purpose to make a "big start" with the upcoming next generation. But, what is being sold is making a profit and keeping all companies going as they advance their own platforms this gen and next gen.

Vickistheman3127d ago

PS4 will come out holiday 2014 at the absolute latest.

Sony will release the PS4 pretty close to the next xbox.

Sony and MS will milk their current gen consoles as much as possible.

Hufandpuf3127d ago

2014 at the latest? please tell me what the earliest is because it's not in 2013.

jessupj3127d ago

I really hope not.

I'd really like to see what would happen if the 720 and PS4 released at the same time.

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