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Gaming is doomed

Wii is doomed. PS3 is doomed. Kinect is doomed. 3DS is doomed. Vita is doomed. Wii U is doomed. That is what industry analysts and video game journalists are saying. Every time an idea has come up that a small group can't accept or when a system shows signs of struggling at launch its instantly doomed. They will sit there proclaiming why a system is failing and why they know so much better than the company launching the console.

The latest systems under scrutiny are the Vita and Wii U (most notably the Vita). All over the internet and on gaming forums users, bloggers and analysts alike will all use the "facts" in front of them to remind everybody why the system cannot succeed in the world. Never mind that there is most certainly millions of people interested in the system, lets all ignore them. Smart phones are dooming handhelds and everybody needs reminding of that. Don't acknowledge that the 3DS overcame it's problems with a price drop and first party titles. Vita is going to fail and the random blogger will make sure you know that.

Because he or she is not interested that accounts for an awful lot of the outside world. What they are thinking is what everybody else is thinking. Because they are seeing a portion of the handheld market move to mobile gaming the rest of the world is going to follow. And that goes double for Nintendo's gimmicky ideas on their systems. They are so out of touch with gamers they are going third party in the next 2 years. Know what I say to all these claims? They are all talking rubbish.

Yes, I note a fraction has moved on to mobile devices but that doesn't mean gaming dedicated handhelds can't still exist. If mobile devices were to take over the types of handheld games we play now would cease to exist. Controls on mobiles just aren't suited to those types of games. There are still plenty of people who want dedicated handhelds (be it 3DS or Vita) and those are the people Sony are aiming for. Not the people gaming on mobiles. People are willing to pay premium prices for games to enjoy those types of games. The games may be cheaper on mobiles but true handheld gaming can only be done on dedicated gaming handhelds.

As for Nintendo, well I think they would have learned by now. If you went and asked around in your area you will find there is no shortage of people interested in the Wii U. People sit there claiming Nintendo is playing catch up but when Nintendo offered you good graphics with Gamecube they chose to ignore it. Thats what caused them to take the direction they did with Wii. In fact there could be a bait and switch going on with this. They may have intentionally lured the competition into the mass money market people call casual. In this case Microsoft fell for it more than Sony.

Personally I think the problem is them. They have a hard time accepting that games are going in a new direction and hope Nintendo fail. If Nintendo are so out of touch with gamers (as you claim basement dweller) why are Microsoft following them now? And since Move hasn't exactly lit the world on fire it seems Sony is taking their Eye toy approach again. Or as some would say, copying Kinect (see how that works). I think you just need to accept gaming is going in other directions with controllers now. Just because you solely may not like the idea doesn't mean the masses won't. Regardless of what the competition do, regardless of what people post, regardless of what your beliefs are and how much you push them on people, you are not going to change their mind. People are going to buy Vita and Wii U regardless of what you or anyone else does. Think Microsoft showing off a new Xbox is going to stop people buying Wii U? Your very much mistaken. In fact it could be the other way around given the indications are pointing more and more towards a Kinect focused system next generation. You only assume it won't be casual because thats how 360 started. I will reiterate this in case you missed the point: neither you nor anyone else is going to stop people buying Vita. Neither you nor anyone else is going to stop people buying Wii U. Vita is going to succeed regardless of what your "facts" claim. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Ending note: don't let the sarcasm put people off here. Its getting very tiring listening to all the gloom and doom articles flying around this place. Vita and Wii U will be successful. Either that or gaming really is doomed.

majiebeast4301d ago

You forgot pc gaming is also dead since 2000 according to the (expert's).

Joule4300d ago

Well it's true, PC gaming is dead in the ground.

raytraceme4300d ago

Yes that's why pc gaming profits are at an all time high.

gaffyh4299d ago

@raytraceme - That's because of all the zombies, they love PC games.

hellzsupernova4300d ago

aw man but ive just switched back to pc gaming :(

r214301d ago

good post, but the second last paragraph, who is this 'they' you're referring to? gamers, nintendo, the journalist?

TopDudeMan4301d ago

The same "people" he mentioned at the start of the sentence who claim nintendo is playing catch up, I'd imagine.

And I'll second that. Good post.

r214300d ago

thanks for clarifying :D
@tehpees hopefully, they dont get more ruffled up. thanks for the great read.

Bil4299d ago

Considering her DP, I guess its "she" instead of "he", just sayin

tehpees34301d ago

lol nice find ;)

Its supposed to be the "experts" writing that stuff. Basically the same people I dedicated the article to :P

TenSteps4301d ago

This generation has been the generation where I felt people "experts" get a hard-on for Fear Uncertainty and Doom.

I can still remember 07-08 PS3 is doomed articles.

f7897904297d ago

They caught up with modern journalism. DOOM!

Christopher4300d ago

***That is what industry analysts and video game journalists are saying.***

No, that's just what people say to get hits.

Analysts don't say doomed, they talk about the forecast of the product and how much money they see it making in comparison to money spent.

Game journalists, at least the ones you can call as such, do comparisons of hardware and software to determine how well something is doing.

Random people on the Internet who can afford a domain and can install a WordPress blog app on it say doomed.

The problem is, people seem to think these people are game journalists and deserve the same level of attention as the other two groups above.

IM_KINECTED4293d ago

Didn't Pachter just release something saying the Wii U wouldn't save Nintendo? As for people on Wordpress, you have to get a start somewhere, those people could very well be the "experts" of tomorrow.

I believe we've had a very high level of negativity towards gaming as a whole this past year, that includes the experts on the so called "real sites".

I actually find better reviews and stories on the sites you are trying to crap on.

Christopher4293d ago

He meant from their declining sales, not from them being doomed to total failure. He also mentioned that 3DS growth and new IPs on it are showing a sign of growth in the device, which was also needed to keep the device strong in the market.

He's not saying doomed, he's saying that this won't be the element to bring Nintendo back up to where it was at the height of the Wii.

PCE4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Funny thing is, the Wii U is far more focused on the core gamer and less on the motion control gimmicks than its predecessor, yet the saps on the internet still hammer on the system for being gimmicky. People are idiots.

I already own a Vita since before launch and am interested in the Wii U. It somewhat resembles the DS, because you have two screens, one on the controller, which is a touch screen, and your TV. Nintendo could possibly release a 3DS Player accessory and have the 3D function available for those that own a 3DTV, or just bring the original DS games to the virtual console.

Neither the Vita or the Wii U are doomed. The 3DS had a slow start, with doom articles to boot, but now it's selling by the millions. Nintendo quickly recovered from its drought. And Sony's systems tend to have a slow start but pick up later in its lifecycle. PS2 was no different.

mamotte4299d ago

Yes, it's really funny. A touchscreen is a bad thing en a Nintendo console, it's just a gimmick. Put it on a Vita, and suddenly it becomes the best creation from mankind since porn.

mttrackmaster384299d ago

I don't know where you've been, but I still see plenty of people who think the Vita's touchscreen is a gimmick.

ClimateKaren4299d ago

There is a reason that you're the only person trying to draw that parallel; it doesn't make sense. Touch controls for video games make sense on portable machines and phones. To use a tablet as the primary controller for a home console is gimmicky.

Nintendo SAYS that the Wii-U is far more focused on the core gamer. We haven't seen exactly what is going to be on the plate yet, but we have seen the controller, which does not look like something that's designed to appeal to the core console gamer. It looks like something that's meant to recapture the Wii audience that came in droves and then bought no games.

sikbeta4299d ago


And that's why the Vita is doing so well, right?


MmaFan-Qc4297d ago

@sikbeta why? thats because its just been released on the market worldwide, and there's no Monster Hunter available in japan yet.

thats why.

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