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Bungie You Just Spit On Your Fans

One of the biggest features added to Halo Reach was the new progression system. You earn cR to level up and unlock new armor to customize your character with. Bungie showed off tons and tons of content that can be unlocked through the new ranking system, which got many Halo fans excited to create their "perfect" Spartan. That was until the game actually shipped, and a few weeks in players run into a "rank cap".

At first many users asked why because Reach's progression system is aesthetic only. So Bungie decided to come out and explain why, and they stated this.

“There’s a level cap in place for a number of reasons.
First, security: We’ve seen a bunch of games come and go where investment systems got exploited and broken early, completely throwing off the game economy (even though Reach progression is aesthetic only, it’s still important to us to preserve the ecosystem to the best of our ability) so one reason was certainly security. To use a hyperbolic example: If it turned out that teabagging players was giving mountains of Credits (try it, it gives nothing!), we’d have a failsafe in place to make a fix and continue the progression path
Second: We had some ideas on cool ways to lift it via communal effort.”

Sounds fair right? I would say so, but right before this they posted something that makes me want to slap them across the face.

Once I hit the level cap, what’s going to happen to the credits that I continue to earn?
Luke: “Nothing, you’re still earning credits once you hit the cap and they are still counting towards your next rank. So, once the level cap is lifted, some players will shoot off into other ranks and get access to new stuff.”

Okay. So if your rank cap is to help prevent cheaters, and let me remind you they just banned and reset 15,000 of them, then why does the cR carry over? If you want to prevent cheaters from reaching high levels in rank, but let the cR carry over, what is the point? Especially when those cheaters will be reset and banned, this to me sounds like a punishment for the legitimate players.

While this definitely was a let down, I thought to myself, okay I can deal with it, no biggie. Then they posted a statement which is complete and utter bull shit.

"We should hopefully have more news to share on those “cool communal efforts” very soon and if I were a betting man I’d say that the current cap will be lifted in the next month or two, give or take. In the meantime that gives 99% of you plenty of time to continue playing, ranking up and banking credits while of course, most importantly, just continuing to have fun."

So let me get this straight, you cap the rank (which does nothing that effects the gameplay anyway), then you say the cR will carry over making the cap pointless, now your saying the cap wont be lifted until 2-3 months from the date the game shipped? I'm sorry Bungie, but that is complete bull shit and you are just spitting your fans in the face.

Rank may not be everyone's cup of tea, but in this game it serves a great purpose. One thing I loved about Reach was leveling up and unlocking new gear to "pimp" out my Spartan, but I've been stuck at the cap for 2 weeks now, and now I'm told another month or two give or take? I enjoy Halo Reach's multiplayer, but not being able to progress because Bungie is restricting me (even though I can play offline and see my real rank) makes Reach boring with no motivation to keep playing.

New's flash Bungie, you're not the only developer making games, there are so many games coming out in the next few weeks that restricting your gamers is just going to make them put Reach on the shelf or sell it. You have games like Medal Of Honor, Fable 3, Assassins Creed BrotherHood, Gran Turismo 5, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Fallout: New Vegas, just to name a few. Now I can bet your ass those games won't restrict access to content on the disc like Bungie is doing. What makes you think people are going to keep playing Reach when they are blocked out by you when all these games are coming out?

I for one never expected Bungie to pull such a stupid stunt, and to me, this is the same as lets say Battlefield Bad Company 2 locking maps on the disc and releasing them later for "free". As a person who hated every Halo besides CE and finally got back into it with Reach, I feel like Bungie took my money, then spit in my face. You might be thinking I making a big deal over "rank" or unlocks, but the people who dick ride companies that pull this shit are the reason they get away with it. Dead Rising 2 may not be same quality as Reach, but I bet your ass I'll have more fun and less restrictions in Dead Rising 2 than I will in Reach. Which is why I put Halo Reach up for trade for Dead Rising 2.

Wether you agree or disagree with me, I would love to hear your opinion on Bungies actions.

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betrayed gamer2932d ago

does it really matter? i havent hit the cap yet i play games at my own rate and for those who sped by me cool for them. the cap dosnt change gameplay the cap does nothing important.does the game stop being fun when you hit the cap? does gameplay change? no its still halo reach. i will rank when i rank and i will play fable 3 fallout new vegas, ill skip black ops or get it preowned. also if you think people would stop playing a game because there is a lvl cap you are one of only a few people. look at world of warcraft, or better yet any mmo. look at borderlands. and why would you trade in halo reach for dead rising 2? dont get me wrong i want to get the game myself, but not enough to trade reach in for it

T9X692931d ago

Personally I do think it matters because it's on the disc and Bungie is restricting players from progressing. If I hit lets say 10th prestige in COD, or the highest rank in Battlefield, I feel like I accomplished something and completed that part of the game by unlocking everything. The way Reach's progression system works, it might as well be treated like an RPG game such as Fable or Fallout. Everything little thing you do earns you cR, not to mention daily and weekly challenges, Commendations, etc. Bungie throws cR in your face like it's no tomorrow, yet they restrict how much you can actually progress in the game. If they didn't restrict the progression system and I hit the max rank or level, it wouldn't be a problem because I gone as far as I can go. There's something about actually getting to the highest point in a game, and being restricted from accessing that point that makes me angry with developers.

I actually sold Reach a few days and got Dead Rising 2, while it may not have as good as graphics or multiplayer options, I'm having way more fun with this game than I've ever had in Reach. I honestly don't regret trading Reach for Dead Rising 2, then again that's just me and I can understand some people thinking it's a stupid decision, but it wasn't for me.