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Matchmaking is a cop out

This is something that has been bugging me since I finally got a next gen system (Xbox 360, which I've since traded in for a PS3). What the hell kinda of short cut is Matchmaking? What happened to lobbies? I'm sorry but my console online gaming started with SOCOM. Socom may not have been a huge title like Halo, but it had the BEST clan system, and community, or it least the best I've seen on a console. We had a home server where you went on everyday and eventually everyone in that server (Wiggles, HAU, you know what I mean, Canada West 3) because it seemed that everyone always went back to it. You could create your own rooms, set what maps YOU wanted to play, even what game types, not this playlist crap. Clans could set up clan matches and tryout rooms. There needs to be an expanded look at Clan support in these games, I mean anyone can toss up a clan tag, atleast in SOCOM you could revoke it from people and kick them off the roster. So big game developers, STOP BEING LAZY! ENHANCE THE COMMUNITY FEEL OF YOUR GAMES!

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ZombieAssassin2922d ago

I kinda agree, only problem with server lists and such is usually its the same few maps and like 1 or 2 game modes and that's all anyone plays especially later in the games life but at the same time I don't always like to play through all the maps just hoping that I get to play my favorite one. I guess in the end though I would prefer a server list over match making for a majority of the games I play.

coolbeans2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

You make it seem like there's only matchmaking to be had for online modes. Doesn't this entire point seem moot since the idea of inviting clan members to player matches exist. During it's inception, matchmaking was the way to "enhance the community feel".

I'm not saying your opinion is wrong. I just personally disagree and even lack of dedicated servers should be a bigger complaint than this.

Supa5082921d ago

I don't see how matchmaking enhances the community feel. In Halo or Modern warfare how does one join a clan? You sign up for some forum request to join, invite someones gamer tag and hope to catch them. When you had the system like socom you just found a tryout room played with em and got to know what's kinda clan it is. I'd prefer lobbies over matchmaking and I'd like more control of my game.

coolbeans2921d ago

What I'm saying is how are player matches and a greater communication leap in gaming not the solution to this already? From my experience, hopping into clans that you wish to join is as easy as 1-2-3.

I can do really well in a CoD or Halo match and instantly get 3 messages about joining their clans. Next thing you know, I'm playing in a player match or I joined their party for the next game to see if I'm not just a fluke. I'm not saying game's shouldn't reboot tryout rooms, but I just don't see what's the point in it when the "raw" community aspect (don't take that part wrong I'll explain if you need me to) of CoD/Halo has leapfrogged that of SOCOM from last gen.

I stand by my matchmaking statement: If one wished to make a clan, what better team then that of his own online level? I feel matchmaking incorporated the idea of fairness during it's beginning. However, the likes of certain FPS' in TODAY's world have bended it from what it really intended to be back in Halo 2's days imo.