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A letter to the Fanboys

I know you love your system, and that's fine, but just go play it, enjoy it, and stop fixating on why you hate the other system.  Do you really wanna spend a few minutes or hours of every day of your life on this site focusing on the things you hate? 
This is an example of the mentality of the members of N4G and other sites...this was a PM from the member 'Morganfell.' 
"What is sad are little shitbirds that have no life and instead worry about what I write. Laughable. You really are worthless. Tie your busted 360 around your neck, kiss your boyfriend goodbye and jump off a bridge into fast moving traffic." 

Look how much hate there is in this statement.  He doesn't even know me, but because I own both systems and like my 360, I'm automatically so bad I need to die? Also, because I like 360 I must be gay?

There is no reason for this type of attitude in the community.  You know, we're all under attack as gamers from these greedy publishers who are buying up all the developers and forcing us to dumb down our expectations of a great experience year after year.  And, while that should be what we're focusing on, we're sitting here bickering back and forth about which system (and by extension, which mega corporation) is less evil.  Don't you think it says something about our systems when our key argument in this 'war' is why the other system is bad instead of why the system we like is good?  Don't you think it says something when there exists real hardware issues like RRoD and YLoD and instead of demanding that these companies make better products, we argue that one is better because it doesn't happen as much???  It's crazy.
I love gaming, I love discussing games as I'm sure most of you do, but this generation is turning us into trolls and we're forgetting what actually matters...the fun.  I know there are people out there, like the person I mentioned above, who really do get off on just being jerks that crave getting a rise out of other people just to make their lives seem slightly less worthless, but that isn't the majority of us.  So what are the rest of us doing?  Retaliating?  Do you go to bed or wake up feeling better about yourself or like you've made a difference because you insulted someone else's favorite, game, system, online service, etc...?   Just let it go. 

The bottom line in all of this is that the corporations don't care about any of us as individuals, they only care about market share.  They will say and do anything to keep us just happy enough to keep forking out the dough and that is as far as it goes.  There is nothing personally redeeming about these companies, the only thing they offer us in return is a potentially great gaming experience, and that's ALL we should be asking for.  There is no reason to be a fanboy of any company or system.  Both can, do, and will continue to provide quality entertainment and nothing any of us say will sway the opinions of anyone who thinks differently.  However, what you say might sway the people of the community's opinions about you... Do you really wanna ostracize yourself from the community that you love being a part of? 

Think about that next time you are about to write a comment or link an article that is an obvious display of favoritism, bigotry, or pure hate. 

Thank you.  See you on PSN/Live/Steam

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NineteenSeventyNine3286d ago

I wonder what particular brand Morganfell is oh so fond of? lol

There's really no need to sugar coat any of this. The PS3 fanboys are the ones with the delusional tinfoil hat paranoia. They're the ones who take it to extreme personal attacks. Remember the death threats the guys at G4 received after they gave Killzone 2 a perfect score? Ps3 fanboys were sending them death threats even though they gave it 5/5!

I'm fine if they prefer the PS3, but when they troll 360 articles and harass us 360 owners just because we prefer the better gaming experience, I take offense.

The PS3 fanboys are delusion, are relentless and are extremely immature. I'm sure the comments that follow mine will only reinforce this. Enjoy!

TheBand1t3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

The better gaming experience?

You do realize you're intentionally baiting, right? That's all I'm gonna say.

bjornbear3286d ago

"The PS3 fanboys are delusion, are relentless and are extremely immature. I'm sure the comments that follow mine will only reinforce this. Enjoy!"

The fact that you think that makes you extremely immature yourself. ALL fanboys are immature to a certain extent

FANBOYISM is immature.

Being such a fanboy yourself you fail to realise its down to OPINIONS and TASTES.

So no, the 360 doesn't have "the better gaming experience"
Maybe to you it does, but not to others.

You call out fanboys, but you're a pretty pathetic one yourself =/

NineteenSeventyNine3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

@ The Bandit

Nothing you haven't seen before, I'm sure. ;)

@ bjornbear

Empirically, it does.

360 - 24 AAA games
PS3 - 16 AAA games
360 - 173 games rates over 80%
PS3 - 139 games rated over 80%

Couple the superior game library with the supeior online and there you have it, the better gaming experience.

Oh, but I guess facts are irrelevant since opinione can't be wrong! What a steaming pile.

And what's with not being able to state the truth without being called a fanboy? If someone says to me "The Ps3 has the superior hardware and value", they're right. I don't complain, whine and call them fanboys. So, why do I get called a fanboy for stating the truth aswell?

This is all very fascinating!

Saaking3286d ago

at 1970, just give up man. Your arguments make no sense.

madpuppy3286d ago

For a person that doesn't consider himself a "fanboy" you sure post like one. go over your own posts, It is like a PS3 hatefest. Maybe you don't even realize it yourself.

SnuggleBandit3286d ago

@ 1970

you forgot to mention the year head start the 360 had, as well as how many of those AAA games on both systems are dlc and or downloadable games!

NickIni3285d ago

"Oh, but I guess facts are irrelevant since opinione can't be wrong!"

Exactly. That's why it's an opinion. An opinion isn't right or wrong until you try to pass it off as a fact, as you have so beautifully demonstrated here.

lh_swe3285d ago

We get it!

You love the 360 and dislike/hate the PS3, get over the fact that some people like the PS3 over the 360, sure statistically there are more games of AAA status on the 360 but that is far from a guarantee that those are the games you will like.

I would respect your opinion more if it wasn't just for the purpose of antagonising some people who express an opinion in a truncated and very subjective way, and then act like your any better.

Qui-Gon Jim3285d ago

"Empirically" it also has the worst gaming experience:

XBox 360: 24 games rated 40 or below.
PS3: 8 games rated 40 or below.

You are right that the 360 has more high rated games, but it is also true that the PS3 has a higher percentage of high rated games according to an analysis done on (i apologize, but i don't have time to find a link).

What really matters is which system has the games you want to play. For me, i would rather play Uncharted and Valkyria Chronicles than Halo and Gears of War. Others prefer Halo and Gears and that's fine, just don't try to tell me what i should think is the "better" experience, because it's different for each of us.

baum3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

This retard doesn't even know the definition of "empirically", lol.

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3286d ago
RockmanII73286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Fanboys are the reason why half this site is on my ignore list. PS anyone else having trouble uploading pictures?

sid4gamerfreak3285d ago

NineteenSeventyNine - When he voices an opnion or whatever you want to call it, immediately after that, there are numerous bashings against him. Its sad really, this whole blog post was on fanboyism yet even the comments here show that people most of the time do not even understand what fanboyism means. You don't gang up agianst someone and bash on him. Let him voice his or her opinion, and either consider it or ignore it. You don't have to unnecessarily attack the comment. In my view, however, there have been numerous bashing's against the 360 and people haven't yet realized how foolish it is. Same goes for ps3 bashings, although not very popular in n4g, it still occurs.
Anyway, a brilliant blog post by Sub4Dis

Qui-Gon Jim3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

The very first post was him being hostile toward PS3 fanboys. In my opinion, the hostility toward others is the worst thing about "fanboyism." If you push people though, the natural reaction is for them to push back. It may not be right to react that way, but it should be expected when someone says something like "The PS3 fanboys are delusion, are relentless and are extremely immature."

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