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The real reason why E3 2016 was mediocre besides Sony

There was a common theme in this year's E3 and that was the lack of new ip from major publishers. At the same time last generation we getting ready for Red dead redemption, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 2 and Borderlands, big titles you would absolutely expect in the crux of the generation. The question is why after the stellar e3 2015 would the big publishers just halt that momentum. Of course we won't get a definite answer, but let us attempt understand why there is a significant lack of new announcements from the big players.

2016 is already set to be a stellar year for games, the release of uncharted 4, Quantum break, Doom and Overwatch is a testament to that. What E3 2016 has shown us, are games that are release either this fall or in the first quarter of 2017, but nothing beyond that. That is the most interesting part of it all, why don’t we have a games releasing on the fall of 2017 and beyond. Nearly all of the games announced with a 2017 release date have been for a Q1 of 2017 and not the general "coming in 2017" , which usually fall in Q4 of 2017. I believe the publishers are holding back on announcing any new games. With the announcement of the new Xbox and potential PlayStation for the fall 2017, we can assume the publishers are holding back on showing their new games and saving them for a future event.

Now if you still can't see what I'm trying to imply when I say they are holding back their game announcements, let's if we can analyze what publishers announced and when there announced games are releasing.

EA: EA usually have underwheling shows but occasionally have a new games to announce. This time they had none but a small indie game. The highlight of the show was without a doubt Mass effect and Titanfall. Titanfall already has a firm release date of Q4 2016 but what about Mass effect. It's slated for a 2017 release and let's not put our money of Q1. Based on the small snippet of gameplay it seems to be way beyond what our current gen of consoles can handle. The release will window without a doubt fall in Q4 2017 and which is coincidentally when our new consoles release.

Bethesda: After last year's E3 everyone has had high expectations for Bethesda. They delivered a good show with Dishonored 2 being the main event. But there was no big new announcements apart from Prey and Quake: Champions. Prey is slated for a 2017 release which will likely be Q4 2017 and again one title that should falls when the new console release.

Microsoft: Now Microsoft have been announcing new Ip's for the last 3 years since the new generation of consoles. Scalebound, Sunset overdrive, Quantum break, Sea of thieves, Ryse, and Recore have really made Microsoft's lineup really stand out from the last years of the Xbox 360. But at E3 2016 they have failed to announce any new ip of any sorts, and showed only games for Q4 2016 and early 2017. This begs the question as to why would Microsoft all of a sudden just stop their momentum of new ip. There is no games past scalebound in 2017 and if you an Xbox gamer you should be worried, or maybe that’s just indication that they are holding back on announcing their new games for their new console.

Ubisoft: In the last few years Ubisoft has had a reputation of announcing some really big titles like Watch dogs, The division, Ghost recon and Rainbow six, although their titles don’t usually live up to the hype, they still make sure they announce their big upcoming title for the next year, but this E3 they didn't. None of their releases(Ghost recon and For honor) go beyond Q1 of 2017 and let's not pretend they don’t have anything for the rest of the year.

Sony: As always Sony had a stellar showing, all of the new announced game and ip from E3 came from them. It's as if they were the only one with permission to show all their games. Firstly with God of war, those visual look too good to be for this gen and the expected release date for this should be late 2017 or early 2018. Same with the Days gone it looks late 2017 or early 2018. The Last guardian and Horizon have they release date for Q4 2016 and early 2017 respectively. Detroit: Become Human seems to be Q4 2017 or around 2018. The Resident evil 7 game is set to release Q1 of 2017 and the new Kojima games seem to be 2018 at the least. Although these are predictions, there release dates they still hold some ground.

Now if these aren’t signs of publishers holding back announcements of new games for next gen consoles then I don’t know what is. All the major publishers just can't all of a sudden run out of games to announce, I 've never seen an E3 where the big publishers had no new games to announce. After seeing the new Xbox's power which mostly will be akin to the PS4K, you can't blame the publishers from holding back their new games. I'm guessing they are saving their announcements for when they are ready to show both new consoles, which will be at the next E3 or an event before that.

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Aloy-Boyfriend909d ago

Sony saved the show for me. Games games and just games.! Just how I like it!

Nitrowolf2909d ago

Every show had its moment, but Sony really kicked @$$ here. I found all the shows today to be really lacking or to much talking, and going into Sony conference I was half expecting them to waste time gloating about their stats and such.

Nope though, opened up with a big hitter and just kept them coming

Lightning Mr Bubbles908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

I don't know but the PS4 just killed it, they dominated this E3 with games, and they have a new console in the works also. So, I don't know if that's a valid excuse. Bottom line, I think the PS4 just has more top notch first party exclusives and third party partnerships than the XBOX One does. I'm sure third parties have games in development they didn't show yet but most of those are all the usual stuff that will be multi-platform.

Spurg909d ago

Its was their best E3 so far. Sony seemed to understand what people want, more games and less talking Ea, bethesda, ms, and ubisoft always had some sort of long talk that would really put you off.
Ms in particular, the lack of new ip ruined their show and the endless talking with mincraft made me rage a bit.

marquisray909d ago

Sony showed more games that are coming to all systems and as usual hardly any release dates and u give that shiw an A whatever lol

Aloy-Boyfriend909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Sony showed what?

E3 is not a game release schedule. It's a show to watch games in development. not everyone is gonna pull a Fallout 4 out of nowhere.

Good luck still waiting one more year for the Xbox games that were announced 2-3 years ago. You haters are clueless

mark_parch908d ago

agree with that the minecraft talk went on far to long. but most of the stuff Microsoft showed is either coming this year or early next year. there weren't many release dates from the sony conference. my highlight of the weekend was sea of thieves that game looks epic fun

Christopher909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Bethesda's show wasn't mediocre, IMHO. It was nowhere the level of Sony's conference, which was a massive surprise throughout for me, but it did a good job of gameplay and new games.

I think it's a bit wrong to say "as always" with Sony's conferences as well. They had a strong year, but they've made a ton of missteps in their past as well.

Spurg909d ago

I'll makes some changes thanks for the feedback.
They do have their missteps and im one of the few to call them out actually. Like the time they sneakly announce ps+ is reqired to play online...i thought that was a disgusting move. Hell in this show after announcing an array a amazing titles they tried to use that momentum and showed the price for the vr headset....and i was like...nope.

Germany7908d ago

The screaming lady ruined my experience.
3/10, too much screams.

TheColbertinator909d ago

Sony did well. Not interested in PS4 yet but they pulled a fun conference.

Aceman18908d ago

After Microsoft presser I'll be selling my system and it's games because they just showed the same games that I'm not interested in (halo, forza, that rare game). I was interested in Scalebound but the lead guy, and techno music kinda killed it for me. And crackdown 3 single player was the only reason I was holding on to it, but that's not happening until next year in favor for a multiplayer I nvr really cared for.

Maybe a few years down the line Microsoft will finally release some 1st party games I actually might want to pay for, but until then there's no reason for me to keep my current system.

Spurg908d ago

"I was interested in Scalebound but the lead guy and techno music kinda killed it for me."
That's Hideki Kamiya for you., if you're put off by those things that's just you. Platinum games have always had those kinds of characters in all their games but the real thing about the game is gameplay.

"And crackdown 3 single player was the only reason I was holding on to it, but that's not happening until next year in favor for a multiplayer I nvr really cared for"
To its essence Crackdown has always been a co-op game. Sure you can play single player but it was built for coop.

"Maybe a few years down the line Microsoft will finally release some 1st party games I actually might want to pay for, but until then there's no reason for me to keep my current system."
They have games up their sleeves but they are holding on to them for a later announcement likely to be announced next to the console reveal. It's highly unlikely that they just run out of games in the crux of the generation, that just unheard of.

You have to look at the pattern of releases. All of the game this E3 have a scheduled release date of Q4 2016 and Q1 2017....and nothing beyond that. Another indication of them holding back is Ubisoft. They always announce killer titles for next year but this year they didn't and only focused on their already announced titles. If that not sign of them holding on to their new games then I don know what is.
You can say Sony proves me wrong but, GOW, Days gone, Detroit and Hideo Kojima game are far off and likely Q4 of 2017 and 2018, which is coincidently when our new consoles drop. Sony has shown their cards for the new ps4k with their announced games.

Aceman18908d ago

Personally I pretty much don't care about the upgraded systems it's not a must have and specs don't make me jump up and down like it's doing everyone else lol.

I loved the first crackdown and only played it in single player I didn't care about anything else.

quantumofmalice908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

"Firstly with God of war, those visuals look too good to be for this gen". Ummm it looked like the same ballpark as Uncharted 4 or Horizon Zero Dawn and Santa Monica Studios like Guerilla Games or Naughty Dog has always excelled with visuals. If God of War and Horizon both deliver as well as Uncharted did you got yourself a holy trinity of greatness right there.

BiggerBoss908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

In general yes God of War looks "just as good" as Uncharted and Horizon, but that SNOW bro!!! Easily best snow and ice ever in a game

DarthJay908d ago

If you only own a PS4, you're probably creaming yourself over their show. It was a well done show for sure, but even though they showed a lot of games, most of them are nowhere near coming out, and the results are mixed at best. It literally depends on your individual taste. Spider-Man made me extremely happy I own two PS4's, but everything else was just kind of there for me. Some decent stuff to keep my eye on, but for anyone to act like they were blown away is complete hyperbole.

Microsoft's show was just as good in it's own right. I would have liked to have seen more newer games we hadn't seen before, but I am glad to know that what we saw was coming soon. I'll tell you what I did do that I did not do after Sony's conference is I immediately spent money: I bought a custom controller and I pre-ordered an Xbox One S.

The other conferences were more of the same. Some decent stuff, some underwhelming stuff, but solid overall. So what is the true measure of success? So far my game of show is Spider-Man and I spent $500 on a custom controller and new console. I'll bet both companies leave pretty happy with how they did.

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