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Stop Crying About a PS3 Price Cut!

I have never written a blog in my life, but I figured this is a worthy rant.  

Everywhere I look all I see are articles and people moaning about the inevitable PS3 price cut.  Enough with the stupid blogs listing reasons why "the PS3 is doomed to fail unless they drop the price!"  do you in some twisted way think that Sony CEO's are reading your blogs at lunch and saying "OMG look at these blogs, get my marketing team in here!  Either we drop the prices or get PWNED by Microsoft."  You get what you pay for; built in wi-fi (which is a $90.00 add for the 360,and external), blue-ray player, and free online play (which is steadily improving and close to matching what the xbox offers for a monthly fee). 

In closing, just because your mommies wont buy you a PS3 until they are as cheap as the xbox doesnt mean you have to cry about it all over the net.

End rant, Flame away.

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ionace3564d ago

I agree with you but do you think those bloggers are reading this during their lunch? lol same thing.

SplatterU3564d ago

heh, just sure they arent reading this. To busy trying to find more reasons why PS3 has to cut their prices.


Probably. Most bloggers tend to be unemployed teens who think their opinions mean something.

Bnet3433552d ago

I wonder if the recession hit you over the head yet. A $199 Xbox 360 looks more appealing than a $399 PS3 at this point when it comes to the general public. I'm pretty sure a PS3 price cut would help the PS3 a lot. I do not know why you wouldn't want one.

pixelsword3552d ago

the fact the 360 has a history of breaking down, which, even though it may be covered, is still a hassle for someone who doesn't have gas money to ride around, and will miss out on the time their 360 is gone. That, and if you owned your 360 at launch, you already paid more for your 360 than when the PS3 was at $600.

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lh_swe3557d ago

A price cut is a delicate matter for Sony since their console is making very little profit as it is. Besides the circumstances have to favour a price cut, such as a big media event, in conjunction with a big release (God of War for example), or a holiday price cut. A price cut out of nowhere is unlikelt to get the ball moving and Sony knows this, besides contrary to popular belief Sony has had an average sales figure per year above that of Microsofts and it is unlikely that selling so well despite having a higher price tag than the competition will persuade them to drop the price quite the contrary actually. I beleive a price cut will happen soon enough, since Sony has admitted to wanting a price cut yet are unable to do so due to a number of reasons(wouldn't comment on which reasons).

aldesko3556d ago

Yeah, I don't think game sales are as bad as everyone makes the out to be on PS3. I just read ubisoft makes more sales on PS3.. I've also read EA does, as well. If that's true, the PS3 may not drop until this fall, maybe to coincide with Uncharted 2 / R&C / the holiday season... they may even wait until GT5 or GoW3.

jadenkorri3553d ago

the biggest mistake everyone does is compare the ps3 sales to the 360 current sales month to month... what people fail to realize is the fact that 360 is a year old, meaning comparing sales is all fine and good, the hardware in the 360 however is 1 year older than the ps3, which means its obviously gotten cheaper and allowed a price drop... If you take the time to research and look at the 360 sales compared to the ps3 sales timewise, the ps3 has outsold the 360... Sony isn't dropping the price cause there not competing with the 360 price drop... They would lose more money if they did... And IMO, if ps3 never dropped the price i would be laughing cause, in all honesty, you get what you pay for.... but i could care less anyways, i own a ps3/360/Wii/PC*2/PSP... no dsi..

Theoneneo813556d ago

I agree i mean if you look at the ps3 for what you get it really isn't that bad actually its a great deal you get free online gaming Blu-ray a Movie Store were you can rent the latest HD Movies and buy movies and TV Shows now if you look at the 360 you need the following to have a great deal

Wireless network adapter 99.99
20 Gig HD 149.99
Year of Xbox Live Gold 50 bucks

that's close to 500 when you can get a ps3/blu ray player a game and a 160 gig hd for the same price

TFalcon94943554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

most of the time the harddrive come with the console itself so you can subtract 150$. you might wanna check the actual prices of accesseries and if ps3 should want outsale the 360 it would be quite awhile for the price cut to actually kick in. but the ps3 will have its year soon enough.

Snake Raiser3556d ago

but sony should cut the price. Yes, you get what you pay for. Now how about you wake me up the day the world sees that for itself. Never. I wish people would see that, but most don't. Yes, $400 is worth it, but I would love to pay $300. :) Do you see? people are just asking for a better deal. I agree that some blogs blow the price thing way out of proportion.

lh_swe3555d ago

It may be worth $400 although paying $100 less isn't something one is ready to turn down, so maybe you'll have to wait a couple of months which isn't long unless you are desperate to play some MGS4, uncharted, ratchet, KZ2, R2 or the up and coming Infamous.

socomnick3555d ago

Nobody really minds the ps3s price anymore, they just dont care for it. They have lost any interest they had for the system as shown by its decreasing monthly sales and its pathetic first party game sales. The sony Brand is dieing.

lh_swe3555d ago

So you f'in seriously beleive the PS3 is dying, or are you just trying to be an antagonising fanboy a-hole?
10 mill per year (PS3), 9 mill per year(360). PLEASE I am begging you stop spewing this utter fanboy BS, that goes for Sony fanboys as well, BOTH! consoles are here to stay and both will do very well.

socomnick3555d ago

Even Sony said that the 360 will remain dominant for the next 3-5 years.

SL1M DADDY3555d ago

That a troll like Socomnick can still have 3 bubbles. Man people, just vote a bubble away and forget this troll.

xabmol3555d ago

I hope you are, because if you're being serious... LOL Who am I kidding? You can't be serious. xD

Jinxstar3554d ago

Socom. link where sony said that. Those word exactly.

You know they mean't the Wii.

jadenkorri3553d ago

cause if you try to wrap your minds around their mentality, you will actally blow your mind....

please direct exploding heads away from other people and electonics...

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