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FF7 style JRPGs for PlayStation 4 probably incoming from Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 for Playstation 4 announced at 2014 Playstion Experience, probably a good indicator that Square Enix is making/going to release/planned JRPGs that looks, plays similar to Final Fantasy 7.

Final Fantasy 7 for Playstation 4 is just the game that sets the journey.

"So, as for the AAA titles we’re currently developing for series, we basically want to go back to their roots and focus on the core audience"
Read more at http://www.siliconera.com/2...

Who could predict that Square Enix would literally go back exactly there? New JRPGs that looks graphically like the Original Final Fantasy 7, with the exact gameplay from Final Fantasy 7.

Pokemon X/Y reuse of decade old game mechanics & structure manage to sell 12.12m copies, could be a factor that Push Square Enix to re-use the old Final Fantasy 7 game structure, for a new Final Fantasy.

Simply take Final Fantasy 7, remove the story, remove the cutscenes, remove the musics, remove the graphics, keep the old codes, add new story, add new musics, add new graphics, Final Fantasy 17 done. Release date 2017.

A new Final Fantasy, for example let's call it Final Fantasy 17 with new story, new per-rendered background, new 3d assets, new cutscenes, on the same old Final Fantasy 7 game engine.

Yearly release of Final Fantasy would now be possible! Final Fantasy like Final Fantasy XV, XIV would be made decennially, once every 10years.

Bike and Snowboard Minigame could make a comeback. 2017 would be an awesome year.

Final Fantasy XVII for Playstation 4 screenshot would probably looks like.

Relientk773515d ago

I would love more JRPGs for PS4, especially if they are retro/classic turn based ones.

kingdip903515d ago

I think it's wishful thinking. I've been holding my breath on this one for far to long.

Square Enix burned me for to long now.

vishmarx3514d ago

theres a new SaGa game to be revealed at jump festa(confirmed to ba a console rpg)
also dq 11 is indirectly confirmed to a ps4 game(recent interview where he confirms he has returned to the playstation brand for future dq development"
then theres persona 5 next year too.
l5's new rpg
ff 15.kh3
this gen already looks better than the last.
(4 biggest jprgs that skipped console last gen are returning , ff (13 was shite), kh , persona and dq)

GhostTurtle3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

What you said with text only. Minimum to no voice acting.

DarXyde3515d ago

I'm all for a return to form, but I think Square has trouble justifying it financially. JRPGs just don't catch the average gamer's attention anymore sadly. It's become very niche and the big budget releases on consoles are hard to justify, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts withstanding.

I think Square's old soul still exists but they pour it into their mobile games. Bravely Default and Dream Drop Distance were great, but they're also safe projects because they speak mostly to Japanese gamers who have mostly moved to handhelds and the budgets are much smaller. Even over here, the Vita and 3DS are your go to devices for these games.

3514d ago
Stringerbell3514d ago

We have a lot of series that have been collecting dust so to speak which I would take over a FF7 remake. A new Phantasy Star, Ograe Battle, Skies of Arcadia, Wild arms, Breath of Fire, Suikoden. I'd love to see any of these make a return.

Going back to FF there are other games in the series that justify a remake over 7, 6 automatically comes to mind.

bangoskank3514d ago

It's always nice to see a JRPG fan on here who isn't obsessed with Cloud. All series you mentioned are in dire need of new installments. Sadly, I don't think Skies of Arcadia or Suikoden will ever get proper sequels or remakes. Phantasy Star has been an online action RPG since the Dreamcast so I doubt well see anything like I,II, III, or IV. Geez, what happened to good JRPG's?!

Stringerbell3514d ago

Its a good question. I mean Japan doesn't dictate gaming in the west as it once did. More so, good RPG's that do come out here get a lukewarm reception at best in terms of sales.

The Tales Series fell on its face on the 360, though it was received better on the PS3, Ni No Kuni did okay, and Valkyria should have done so much better.

The thing is people will complain about the 'horrible' Lighting Trilogy but at the end of the day all three of those games sold better than the previous titles I just mentioned. So what is it that people want? Traditional JRPG's are barely getting by in terms of sales- yet a hybrid pseduo East / West mash-up sells. And all the while we will chastise it for not being like the games we dont buy. /end rant

Godmars2903514d ago

You've confused the fact that a trilogy of games out sold a single RPG entry. Nevermind that the one game built popularity in the west for JRPGs, while the three others tore it down further, from where it was already falling apart, with each one released.

Stringerbell3514d ago

@GodMars I'm not combining numbers. Check VG charts 13 sold over 5 mill, 13-2 over 2.5 and Lighting Returns will surpass 1 mill provided it already hasn't.

bangoskank3514d ago

Preach on, brother Phoceenatic!
It really is a shame that Valkyria Chronicles sold so poorly that its sequels were condemned to the psp while FF XIII reaped all the glory on the more popular platforms. At least we're getting Type 0, which is supposedly the best since XII, on the PS4. A current gen remake of FFVI with Amano's design would blow people away because the story is incredible and the entire cast of characters are appealing. We can dream.

Godmars2903513d ago

Okay, so rather you pointlessly compared the sames numbers of a very well know and advertised franchise against ones which should have been advertised better than they were.

Still doesn't change the fact that combined FF13, 13-2 and 13-3, on two consoles, did not sell better than FF7 on the PS1. That while FF7 is known for making JRPGs in the west a thing, though there were better titles like Persona and Breath of Fire, FF13 just rode on the older title's shirttail. Has failed to live up to the genre and divided the fanbase.

You also need to consider the shape and overall direction the IP holders of BoF and Suikoden are in.

DarXyde3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I think it has more to do with declining interest in these types of games when we consider what's popular these days. JRPGs have never been about online multiplayer and that's what's taken this and last generation by storm. Since mobile devices are one player per device, Square and other JRPG makers have probably caught wind of that and know that no one buys a handheld just to play online. Too many connective restrictions where you'd be better off just buying a console. Since the handheld market can depend on a single player more than a console market, it makes sense of why these types of games are mostly catered to those these days. It's like PS3 games mandating installs because developers can depend on a HDD being present.

Not a bad thing at all, really. I'd rather they stay on handheld than discontinue the genre entirely.

iliimaster3514d ago

if this is true im excited they went away from turn based battle system and look at their sales and the name final fantasy has lost all weight to me since 10 since they went to the crap battle system since ff x

3514d ago
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