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Don't trade at Gamestop, try F.Y.E. first

I'm just writing this to inform my fellow gamers of the fact that the store FYE will buy video games and offer decent money for them, especially when compared to Gamestop.

Like many of you I do not like to trade in video games very often, and I usually feel like I got less then I should. Today I decided to trade in two of my games that I dont play anymore for some cash to help until payday. I went to the gamestop in the mall and they said that they could not offer cash, but FYE across the hall would take them.

I had no idea that they took games and I received $33.50 in cash for two games, castlevania and Crysis 2. Still not what they are worth, but a heck of a lot more cash then GS would give me. The guy at FYE also said that I would get 25% more if I had got store credit for them.

The only advantage GS may have is that they have a bigger selection of games. I didn't look at FYE's selection of games while I was there so I'm not sure how extensive it is. However, if FYE has the game you want or you are looking for cash for your used games, I would suggest trying FYE before GS because they seem to offer more cash/credit compared to GS.

According to the Cheap Ass gamer trade in value list, GS gives $21 store credit for Crysis 2 and I think it was around $16 for castlevania(this is based off some fairly old info provided by the users, so it may even be less by now). I got nearly that in cash at FYE, and with the %25 more for store credit I would have gotten 41.85 in trade in value at FYE.

So, If you ever want to trade in games, especially if you need cash for them, I suggest you at least look at FYE. They also seem to offer more store credit, so you might want to consider checking if they have the game you want and getting it there.

Trading in games can be kind of lame with the low amount you can get for them, so any little extra can help. FYE seems to be the place to check first if you are looking to sell your games quick for some cash.

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jidery4338d ago

I have seen this store around, they seem to over price everything, i now know why.