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DBZ kinect game idea

This is just something my friends and I were talking about that would be a good idea for a kinect game. I’m not sure if those who are reading this know but kinect is like a perfect fit in for fighting games like street fighter or soul caliber. When I’m online I usually talk and brainstorm ideas for games that would work for kinect and one game me and my friends came up with is a DBZ game.

This game would be like a first person fighting experience giving you a better feeling as though you were in that universe the controlls would be simple; you would basically do or mimic the gestures done by the characters to initiate the specific action. Example: If I were to play as goku or my own custom character (or xbl avatar) I would do the kamehameha pose and also add in the idea of saying the name of the move to activate it if done in unison you would produce a kamehameha blast.

Other thing that popped into my head were the ideas of clashing and kid blast struggles for things like the super fast fist exchange you would just punch very fast at your screen and the fastest puncher wins. For ki clash struggles you would have to hold the pose of your ki blast and at the same time yell just like the DBZ characters. The person with the best stance and loudest voice wins the struggle. Punching kicking and fighting would be handled as it would in real life punch to punch kick to kick etc. for movement I was thinking about having maybe a rise of nightmares movement or you could lean forward as though you were flying or floating basically the same principle as before. This would defiantly make the combat more immersive.

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