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PS Home Club for the N4G PS3 Community, All are invited!!!

Fellow Gamers of all walks of life who own a PS3, I'd like to announce the Opening of PS Home Club, SVG-Players. This Club is for everyone, and those especially who dont want to spend 5 bucks buying a club within PS Home, granted that you are able to get in anyway.

My reason for announcing it's opening is simple, start the N4G PS community in Home. During the Closed beta phase when club houses were introduced, I had a about 20 members within the club and we hosted SVG events from the club.

Games like Warhawk, Socom, Resistance, motorstorm, Unreal Tournament , and a slew of downloadable games were all launchable from PS home and we had blast hosting games and playing them together. Now that PS Home has opened up to everyone, I'd like to let everyone know that SVG-PLAYERS is open to all, especially the N4G PS3 community, completely decked. I hope to make this club a booming sub community within Home and as new features are added to home So will My Club expand in apearances.

I plan on having leader boards within my club and show case all the top players via pictures on the walls of the top players and such once the Picture sharing feature becomes available within home.

As of right now, I host Resistance 2 game, Warhawk and SFHD, and Wipeout HD and Soon MotorStorm:PR. as my bulletin boards give the low down on whats even is happening for a particular night. In addition I'll promote select members to Staff(Sub Leaders) of the Club so they can also have the ability to post and run the club in the leaders absence, and host games and such, which will be very helpful.

So how do you Join? Simple.

1) Log into Home(provided you are able to long, servers are a bit more open now) and push the start button.

2) Locate the Club menu.

3) From the club menu, enter the SEARCH CLUBS Menu.

4) Enter the Name, SVG-PLAYERS, and then Hit Search.

The Club will appear with all it's little Mantra and the name and just below the description will be APPLY TO JOIN.

5) Simply click the APPLY TO JOIN, and  your join request will get sent to my club inbox.

I'll approve them as i get them but space is limited, as each club is only allowed a max of 32 members so this is a first come first serve. thing. as Sony upgrades Home and with more feedback being sent Club house memberships should increase, this is still a beta afterall.  With that being said fire away. and i look forward to seeing you all at SVG_PLAYERS Club (no pun Intended).

Note to all: This is For Gamers (Gamers who own PS3s) not trolls who talk trash about other consoles, who like to game like to commune with other gamers about games and play together.

Applications are now being accepted. See you there


shadowghost7525400d ago

Can you reserve a place for me? I am away from my PS3 at the moment and want to join, PSN ID: ShadowGhost752

Sevir045400d ago

so when ever you do get around your ps3 just let me know

Mr_Insane5400d ago

Already sent it. It will be fun, trust me. My clan has a clubhouse and its always fun because there are just so many of us that crack jokes and have a good time.

Mr_Insane5400d ago

Nice interior decorating skills you have man. The inside looks tight.

takedown5400d ago

And I just got accepted as well....and I have do agree with Mr Insane, the inside is awesome

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