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MotorStorm:Pacific Rift Demo Impressions From Sevir04

Well, the well coveted demo to MotorStorm:Pacific Rift, the sequel to the PS3's first Game to sell over 3 million world wide, was finally released exclusively to the Playstation 3 online magazine Qore subscribers, both annual and issue only purchasers. Does it own up? Is it an improvement above the original? Is it better than Pure? Sit back and let me give you my Hands on impression from the premier demo.

Welcome to MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

First off, MotorStorm:PR is gorgeous, let put that out there right now, the game is sizzling hot off the heels of it's predecessor.  The game looks sleeker, much more colorful and is dripping with beauty, left right and center. The engine all though not final, and I'll explain what i mean later, is marvelous and does everything the first game does but better. There was no screen tearing in the demo and everything played smooth as butter. it's just amazing to see what Evolution studios pulled off in just 18 months of development after scrapping the first game's engine.

    The change in atmosphere and local really does breath new lif into the game, danger is at every corner as the game plays even faster, with playing the original Motorstorm just minutes before trying out the Pacific Rift i noticed just how much more responsive the vehicles controls were and faster as well. they've taken some time into fine tuning the class of vehicles to handle more like real world vehicles  down to the deformations in them with you crash. the Game play is as I've said faster than the original. It's a bit closer to burnout's sense of speed but just not as blinding which is a welcome improvement, this is a brutal off road racer so i expected it to be fast.

RainGod Spire: The the Brutal Racing Begin!!!

The demo starts you off with vehicles types, The motor bike, the race truck and the monster truck. and the track available for play was RainGod Spire.
Out of the 3 vehicles they offered, my favorite to race was the bike, specifically because I like punching the lights out of other racers. The track design is a awe-inspiring as you've known Motorstorm to be, huge set ups on a forestry mountain side with multiple ways to progress and move through to the finish line. Moving through RainGod Spire was a breath taking experience, because the back grounds were just so lush and detailed, not to mention you are speeding through the mud and dirt at exhilarating speeds that if you dont pay attention you'll be victim to crashes several times over. It's just great to see them put this much attention to detail as everything looks believable. What also makes RainGod Spire so much fun racing out was the fact that the game now takes you to the sky, This track is littered with big jumps that leave you suspended in the air for 5-10 seconds depending the speed you are going, for me, It was a blast jumping into first person mode and boosting just a few feet away from the jump and just soar through the sky while watching the lush jungle/mountainous setting fly by. You've got to experience it with the DualShock 3 to see what I mean.

The Unforgiving Brutal A.I

The A.I. has also gotten remarkably better, at least to me, you ram someone and advance in front, only to be avenged by the same one you rammed of 10 seconds ago. It's still unforgiving once you crash as you have to fight hard to maintain your lead. Slip up and you end up back there in the double digits. and that really sucks because you the demo only gives you 2 laps for this track.

The Truck and the Monster truck were fun playing with but they move slower than the bike obviously. On the Track the Monster truck once it gets up to speed has no enemies but the sharp turns you gotta make to escape falling of the track to your doom, Pwning the AI was a blast as i crumpled rally cars and Mud Pluggers as they challenged my might. If you are a fan of sabotage then this vehicle is for you because that is exactly what you'll do to a person if they go up against you while driving the Monster Truck. Though It's a bit tricky handling it because it's much more slower and cumbersome than all the other light weights and heavy weights like the Race Truck and the Big Rigs, make sure you spend plenty of time practicing because the handling gets very frustrating, especially when trying to land those huge air time jumps littered throughout the track.

The Demo also offers offline split screen play that of this time I wasn't able to try out because all my buds weren't here to try it out with me, but it is nice to know that this feature is added because it was a huge set back for the first game and also stopped it from gaining better reviews and fun factor, playing MotorStorm with friends on the same Console would have been a blasted because it was that perfect game for over the top fun with bears and malt beverages, This game will definitely be the one the the first wasn't on so many reason.


MotorStorm:Pacific Rift demo is not without flaw, contrary to what what a lot of people believed because the Qore users got it first, The demo is still showing a game which at this time isn't ready for the mass market. this demo is from the GC 80% build, and it shows, paying close attention to the visuals although a step up from  the first, The textures were flat, especially noticeable at the start of a race when they count down time is going. the vehicles don't have shadows on the ground and the game gives the illusion that they are somewhat floating. and what got me a bit disgruntled is that when you boot up the demo the display of the PS3 drops to 480p definition. that by far was what told me this demo is not going to be the same demo the mass market gets early October when it's released for everyone for free on the PSN store, it''s clear that they game needs more polishing.

So the question is.. Is Motorstorm:Pacific Rift better looking and playing than the free style trick Pure?

After doing some quality time with pure after playing Motorstorm:PR I have to say that Pure has the edge in textures.
Motorstorm:PR how ever has much better graphical presentation, and you see it when the are in motion. second Pure doesn't have the variety that Pacific Rift or the first MotorStorm has, o again evolution takes the cake there.

Over all Likes

Overall though I'll have to say that it's pretty nice, I'm hyped for the game because I  know the quality game I'm getting come Oct 28th. The again Evolution is doing the impossible with making the game look and play amazing, they came dangerously close to the first trailer with the first game, and after scrapping the old engine right after words and creating a whole new engine and starting work on the game December of 2007 it's hard to believe that they have surpassed the graphics of the first game and managed to cram in double the tracks and and offline multiplayer and online with so much more modes of play for single player excursions, with a few more weeks of polish left this game will be ready to maintain it's crown and the Worlds most Brutal and graphic off road racer, and can only be found on the PS3.

Lasting appeal:

For me and any other Motorstorm fan out there, the minor faults of this demo won't stop you from having a blast with split screen offline play to give it some life, but for others I'd say wait for the more polished demo scheduled for the  first week of Oct which should be the 100% build of the game as it Goes Gold that same week.

Anywho, Of to play some more MotorStorm:PR, PSN: SEVIREDgamer

LinuxGuru5489d ago

Regarding the textures comment, the demo for Pacific Rift is from E3...there's already a much better-looking build currently.

When it releases, I believe you should write a review and put another comment in there regarding textures and if they've improved or not since the E3 build (which is what the demo is).

Jinxstar5489d ago (Edited 5489d ago )

Cool. I'm a big MS fan. I will DL the Qore demo tomorrow.

I was listening to Invisible Walls the other day and how they were talking about Pure and said "I like how when you do tricks it builds boost and forces you to use tricks in order to win" I kinda take the opposite opinion. I think tricks are a good "extra" after the racing is all solid and it you "Want" to pull off tricks while in the air for a "High Score" and have it take no effect on the race I am all for it.

That was what I hated about the SSX games. Constant tricks in order to go faster and such wore on me... That is my 2 cents and why I am looking forward to MS2. I am huge arcade racer fan and I while I feel it wont take as much of my life as Excite bike, Crazy taxi and Burnout have it will be a great and fun game =D. Pure however wont be seeing my shelf unless it's in a bargin bin.

Game on!

felidae5489d ago

hey .. you're in my friends list

PSN: Schnodder

hope to see you racing online ;-)

Sevir045488d ago

I see you online from time to time. ^^ but i'm at work right now.

my Ps3 is my satellite... i use my PSP to access it and see whats on and i cue up downloads when i'm at work from MY PSP..


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