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Local Retailers and MGS4/Online

                        Good day my good ol'gamers here at N4G.

oday I went to my local fankid ridden Gamestop down here in San Diego Cali .to put down some money on my MGS4. To my Glee, when i asked if they have any information on whether the LE MGS4 will be making it state side they said Yes, even though we kinda already new, but i was a bit uncertain.  I was more enthused because as i was contemplating how much is was going to put down on MGS4, the clerk took out a sheet of paper and began reading some info to me about the incoming beta and DVD i will be getting as a bonus for pre ordering it today.  which came a bit of a shock because i didn't figure that they'd have been udated about it untill early April, late March. Especially because i've read from a few gamers here that when they went to pre order they were greeted with no such info, and when they asked the clerk hadn't been informed. So i was a bit skeptical.

They said to me that the dvd and MGS:O  coded will arive locally in san diego store or at least Gamestop and EB Games March 15th and that a phone call will go out for all those who pre ordered will let them know that the DVD with MGS:O beta access code will be there for Pick up.

So i can safely say that my California Gamers here on N4G, if you haven't already put money down on MGS4 in lite of this start hitting up your local major game and electronic retailers, they should all tell you the same thing.

WINZLOW5679d ago

when i went to eb games to pre order my copy of mgs4 the clerk told me that if i pre order it, a demo will be sent out in a week prior to the pre order. he said it is a demo beta. i think hes full of ish but time will tell.


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Kaii22m ago

I didn't mind Genshin, I returned every so often to do the free events/games (with a multiplayer aspect).
But I also limit my spending and only spew resources on units that powerhouse at c3/6.

What was annoying In Genshin for me was the amount of dialogue, holy fudgeballs.


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