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Fanboys Are Funny Creatures

    First off, N4G, I just wanna take the time out and say that this new system the Mods have taken for N4G was Great, it help keep the fankid rubbish and banter to a significantly lower percentage. Even though flame bait articles manage to find their way here, people now have decent conversations with less flame due to the segregation of the fanatics and the general gamers.
But every now and again thats disrupted as some Fanatics go a step futhur and show how they are really are and enter the fankid stage and flame, disregarding race and all common sense. Such was displayed today, when I logged in to find a Hate message from one of the users here today in my PM inbox. Whats funny is that this particular user was on my ignore list because I don't go back and forth with the typical "xbox360 is better than Playstation and vise-a-versa" or the "My console is better than yours" stuff that goes on here. So to filter out the none sense I ignore those that i deem flaming and continue reading.
What made this even more funny or sad is that I've never ever said a word to this user since he/she became a member of N4G, and today I was the lucky individual to receive you guessed it, a hate message from  you guessed it a fankid. Whats even funnier is that i got it on Valentine's Day, kinda ironic huh?
This is for the Mods to let them know that even with the enhancements made to return N4G to what it use to be, before the fankids (notice i didn't say the fanatics) turned it to a place of dogs and vultures.

Below is the quoted copy and paste of the message I received from that member  here on N4G. I'm asking The Mods to take action against such a thing because personal attacks are just ridiculous and very vitriolic and vindictive. And I'd even go as far to say that was very belligerent. Clearly if a person on this site had any grip on life and reality they should know that carrying on in such manner and behavior means that the individual should quit taking trivial things on this site like console wars and sales figures to their heads and just leave gaming on a whole, get a social life and go out side. And to the other members of this site, don't be afraid to put children like the one pointed out below in their place. Game on and the don't take games so seriously. Mods like Dusty Please do something about this member below.

"New Message:
6 hours ago | By: Genuine  | Block

Why don't you go live in Japan where you belong, you anti-american son of a bitch."

And Genuine I honestly hope you go see a psychiatrist or go get your self a personal shrink because you definitely need one.

Genuine5704d ago (Edited 5704d ago )

Japanese is not a race dipsh*t, it's a nationality. I can only assume that you are lying about your nationality and you are really Japanese. If that's the case, what's your opinion on the nationalistic behavior of Japan. Does it disgust you the way this pm does? Do you see the double standard? It's o.k. for sony fanboys like you to surf websites and push Japanese products, and it's o.k. for Japan to show gross nationalism in regards to gaming products because your a sony fanboy. But God forbid an American try to support America.

Pauloitis5704d ago

How have you managed to turn around hate mail into the receivers fault!?! What an idiot, nobody pushes anything to anyone, people have free choice of what consoles to buy and what not to buy and most electronics are Japanese including gaming thats the way it is with electronics.

Richdad5698d ago

Thats what I have to say abt you. Really wise of you. Just think for a second this guy has been given a racist comment but still he didnt lost his temper like you. Games are for enjoying, please for God sake dont fight for no reason.
Not to mention he still is not saying f*** you 360 morons or any thing like that sort I must say mannered behaviour on Servir04 side. Join me as friend Servir04, I appreciate your ideas.

Sevir045698d ago

^^ in what Jamaicans do as i am one... if we could touch fist i would. thats a form of respect. thanks man and yeah I cant stand fankids, thats why i dont engage in arguments with them, either way if you've got a PSN hit me up. PSN ID: SEVIREDgamer.

Richdad5697d ago

I am currently not having a PS3 and I have not gone live on my 360 yet, lets see I am just gonna join a plant as Engineer. So I might buy it at that time. Be in touch with you, say do you have a profile on gamespot if so please tell me I will join you there.
Its a great place, atleast one is shy being fanboy over there and also I think N4G owners are taxing a lot due to its fanboy fight place. No joke it crossed 1UP in pupularity.

I dont know why people put disagree tag on me when I am a hardcore 360 gamer and you when you didnt even bashed any console for the matter.

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harv0525699d ago

You can still show support without using comments like that though.....

Genuine5699d ago (Edited 5699d ago )

I'm fed up with people like this person, and N4G is infested with them. I guess when the best job their kids and grandkids can find is a fry cook they might see the point.

Skizelli5698d ago

Chazz Palminteri said it best in A Bronx Tale: Nobody cares.

Anego Montoya FTMFW5698d ago

Genuine sent me the EXACT SAME message.

greenenvy5698d ago

....gotta say I laughed so hard too, glad to see people like genuine are still around.........

take out a huge chainsaw Cliffy style, "I OWN THISSSSSSS TOOOOOOWN" >D

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