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The Biggest fankids work at EB games/Gamespot

Today DMC4 arrived in stores on the west coast  i went to my local EB games here in the Horton plaza in San Diego California...

so i ask for my pre order... they hand it to me... and i'm like "yes finally" and i asked the game clerk which version he got, he said the 360 version.. i was like o shit cool man i'm happy you 360 fans got a DMC game cause the PS brand has always had it...

Then This clerk said that he got the 360 version because "it has higher frames rates than the PS3 version.

thats where i was like "WHAT???!!!"...

and then the other clerk said it was ported from 360 to PS3... so  thats when i laughed and said

"sorry to inform you fanboy but the game was only announced multiplatform  in august last year. secondly the PS3 version was in development a full 7 months before the 360 version came into being and it was never ported from 360. and Both Games Run at 60 Frames...

So they were like no because the ps3 is harder to code for.. thats when i said read your sources before spreading your bullshit..

It was hilarious because we got into an argument., i mean the 2 clerks were like extreme fankids, I mean they said a game that was was a PS3 exclusive till august last year suddenly became a Port of a 360 game. what made the argument even funnier was Some other customer got in the argument and had to pull out his computer to shut the fankid clerks up..

boy did i get hot. i tell you they are EB games and Gamestop = fankid shop....  mean really to lie that blatant was just ridiculous.

What are your views on this experience and have any of you ever had such an experience with fanboi clerks at EB  games and Gamestop

nevelo075709d ago

because i live in milwaukee wi and every time i go to a eb/gamestop they always have something negative to say about the ps3, like when warner turned blu i was in there and the guys were like yeah its over but digital downloads are about to take over anyways, get real not for a long time. they always sayin how metal gear is going to the 360 and a lot of other crap.

CaptainMeatwad5704d ago

but it still takes another fanboy to actually get in an argument with them. A real gamer shouldn't feel obliged to get heated up over someone else's misinformation, even in spite of their ignorance.

If someone's so insecure about their console of choice that they allow themselves to get in a public argument about it, they shouldn't be so quick to point the finger at other party afterwards.


im getting the ps3 the xbot sucks , they look at me crazy .. dont even ask those fools anything .. they dont know jack shilll.

ruibing5709d ago (Edited 5709d ago )

This is why I shop at BB, CC,, and As for used games, I get them from Newbury Comics in near mint condition versus the scratched discs at Gamestop with no booklet.

socomnick5707d ago

Well yea but reason is because in America the Xbox 360 is king right now. Its just like in Japan if you walk into a store asking about a Xbox 360 they would talk crap about it and recommend you a Wii.

CrizzleC245707d ago

Though, they do seem to minipulate parents (especially grandparents) on what is true and what is speculated to be true.

But still I think its only fair to bash ps3 for no reason because the "trillions" of reports made by sony's fanboy alliance talking about the red rings.

So here's my revenge...for now

Fall B3hind

Fezthebest5706d ago

dude but see there's a difference, the red rings are true, while what what ebgames and gamestop 'employees make up isn't