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Welcome one and all, to Everything Gaming, my own personal blog where I'll be talking about things that interest me in the Gaming industry each week. I hope to release a new EG blog every week so keep checking back!

Ps Move vs. Kinect: Yes, I know, so many have brought this up and so many have fought over who the real winner is. However I'm here to tell you there is no definitive winner. That's right, neither Move or Kinect can compete with one another because they are so different. Move focuses on accurate 1:1 hand movements in 3D space and of course, buttons. Kinect on the other hand, simply wants to give you a good time. Look like a retard in front of your friends, hell, with your friends! Kinect is all about straight up, simple fun and it shows in every one of it's games.

Vanquish, is FUN?: Surprised? No? Well I was when I finally got around to trying the Vanquish demo today. The game handles well and truly succeeds in making you feel like a badass. While sliding around in cool poses you can slow down time by shooting your gun at enemies. Plus, it actually works! I was incredibly surprised when I was able to easily move around the environment with ease even while going at high speeds. If you haven't checked out the game yet check it out now!

Holograms: So, holograms have been around for a while but I only recently started to imagine their capabilities as far as gaming goes. Just think, a console the size of your hand, no TV required, it simply creates the picture wherever you are. There is true potential in holograms, though they still have a ways to go.

Well thanks for reading! This is what has me interested in the gaming world this week, and I'm sure there will be even more next week! To finish things off, I'd like to ask: Did you like the vanquish demo? Also, send me a message telling me what you think the question should be next week, and leave a comment telling me what topics you'd like to see me cover in the future!