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Idea for bubble system

I recently had an idea to improve on the bubble system. I think that agrees and disagree should affect your amount of bubbles. I mean, I usually get a good amount of agrees, but I still only have one bubble. I don't mean to complain but let's be honest, people on this site are quicker to take bubbles then they are to give them. So, let's say a user is generally agreed with by the community, with not to many disagrees. Give him a bubble! If a user only has one bubble and is constantly reported and disagreed with, temporarily ban them. I haven't put much thought into this but let me know if you like the idea.

omi25p4673d ago

i dont think that would work because if i was to say i prefer x game over y game and i got lots of disagrees id lose bubbles for just saying my opinion. I dont think thats fair to be honest, the bubble system is abused as it is adding this would push it into over drive.

SeanRL4673d ago

You make a good point, another idea I had would be rewarding people for giving bubbles. What do you think of that?

AndrewRyan4673d ago

Let us say that a fan of Halo 3 came onto this website, went to post a comment about a Halo Reach article and said the following:

"Yes I love Halo 3! And I can't wait for Halo Reach to come out it is going to be the best game of 2010!"

After 30 minutes he will be down to 82 disagrees and maybe 7 agrees. Does he deserve 1 bubble. The answer is clear.

omi25p4673d ago

i think a reward system where you use the bubble system correctly is a great idea, if you are seen constantly giving bubbles for the usual things and removing bubbles for trolling swearing ect, by doing this you could get a better reputation with the MODs and gain bubbles

rroded4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

fact is it cuts both ways with fanboys but still loosing bubs over disagrees would b retarted imo

tho i like the idea of getting bubs for giving em tho it should b a ratio of like 100 bubs given ta one received so it aitn overly abused.

anyone else finding the new n4g to b a big step down from the ol one?

ps since this is a bubble blog im declairing a bubble party bubs up for all who post! (cause your all interesting)

Sarick4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

On a game forum I access users can flat out rate you down simply for any reason. At least on N4G the bubble system has a reason for rate ups and rate downs.

The agree/disagree system is here just to let people vote on if you agree or disagree. It's not supposed to punish people or raise their stats. That's why the bubble system is separate.

Check this site out.

If you rate someone down they will start getting filtered and eventually be filtered out completely. People can't agree or disagree if they do it counts as a full rate. By design only the mods are there to stop abuse.

I think the only way the agree/disagree system should be changed is by allowing free mini hidden comments if you click agree or disagree. If you click agree/disagree you can post a short comment that doesn't use bubbles. This comment is hidden in a list like the agree disagree when users report news. If users want to see who disagreed or agreed they'll have the option of checking who and the mini comments. If the person chooses to be anonymous they can still agree or disagree but can't leave a free bubble-less mini comment.

The same way the submission has who in reports submissions. the option to check who and why with a small comment.

Hitman07694673d ago

Any change would be great, I think this is decent idea to be honest.

BrianG4673d ago

Not a bad idea, I'd prefer it to be that way, because I usually get more agrees than disagrees as well, but I have a feeling I'll be a three bubbles for a while.

ER-AM4673d ago

What annoys me is that I don't comment often on the main page but a lot of times when I do, my comments are featured, at least for a little while and that doesn't seem to play into the rubric at all. I bring this up because it's not just agrees or disagrees that puts you on the featured comment list.

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