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Move VS. Killzone 3: The first step

0 Kills, 12 Deaths
2 Kills, 9 Deaths
5 Kills, 20 Deaths

And it went on, going from the dualshock 2 to the playstation move in a first person shooter like killzone 3 is not entirely the easiest thing i've done, in fact i expected to be able to play better with the move, having played MAG and Modern combat with it, i seriously thought i had it down, sadly that was not the case with this, having started my morning with nothing to do i downloaded killzone 3 began the very impressive beta, using the dualshock 3 that is, the first few rounds i had were pretty bad but after an hour or so i finally was able to get a grasp of things, which lead to me getting more kills over deaths in several games, even going as far to keep my position as top player for about six games straight, my overall experience with the beta is just fantastic. and of coarse once i started to feel abit bored of the game it hit me that i could use playstation move with it

After setting my Playstation eye up in the right place, collaborating the move controller, fixing the sensitivity and either little settings i jump right into the game, surprisingly everything was smooth and i seen no problems at all with the cross hair and the camera movements. i figured it would be a breeze to get a kill or two, although that changed when i realized that facing other players using the dual shock means they will have a pretty fast lock-on of you within a split second, time passes and i realized i did not do a very good job, the next game came and i seem to be doing even worst, this kept going for quite some time, i used every gun i had, i tried playing slower, tried playing faster, hell. i even camped for a while but it did not work much for me, after 10 games or so i became frustrated with things and with that said i just didn't really want to bother with the move

But despite my frustration to lacking the skill to keep up with the others i did not stop attempting to provide a better score for my team, NOW this will probably sound silly but ever since i bought the move i never once tried playing it while sitting. which of course i did in fact do, and once again i was surprised haha, so now i sit there just flicking my wrist around, still not getting many kills, nor was i even really getting a decent aim at the enemy player, but one thing that i did notice was that i was sprinting and turning through the map more easily, one of the problems i had with the dualshock was the sensitivity was either too fast or too slow so turning was a pain in the butt, But with the move i seemlessly made turns and cut corners with ease. and with that said i feel i may have somewhat found my improvement with the move, i do not see myself playing through the rest of the beta using the dualshock over the move now, for some reason i feel the need to adapt to the move more.. and with that said i now leave this blog to its end. that is until the next part. ha

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BrianG3580d ago

Sounds like you had a rough time.

I actually played with both and always went positive. Granted, I got slightly higher scores with the DS3, cause I'm so accustomed to it. But Move was amazing at aiming at targets for me. easier than the dualshock when not aiming down the sights.

Also navigating the map, turning, etc... is so much better and more fluid than with MAG from my experience so far. I plan on playing the SP first time through with Move now, but we'll see what happens.