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Wait.. so.. that makes me a fanboy?

(!!WARNING!!: Long post is long..i think lol)

Alright well i figured i would post this because well.. i am just not sure if this makes any sense to me, like at all, none, but whatever, now i have been gaming for a long while now and it is my favorite thing to do when theres nothing going on, i simply love gaming as a time killer and a hobby, nothing more, nothing less, i define myself as the 'casual' hardcore gamer which probably makes no sense at all but we'll go with that just to roll with it for now

This generation has brought a lot to me, unlike the previous generations, why?, because i think the whole term "fanboy" comes a lot clearer to the public (probably already was but just an opinion ya'know), when the xbox 360 was announced i was no wheres near as excited as the next person, sure i might have wanted one from time and time again but i had a playstation 2 and a good PC, things changed once i found out about the playstation 3, i just needed to get it, i am sure most people said that too because PS2 was great, we all expected awesomeness from it,

So i get the Playstation 3, and i can't say i was disappointed nor was i completely satisfied either but hey who was i to complain, now time passed and i receive an xbox 360 as a christmas present, i was totally stoked because now i have two of the main systems and that just feels cool for some reaosn (lol i know very nerdy right?), i play the 360 for a few days until i come to mind that neither one of the systems is better then the other, they feel the same in a way, but there was a slight difference

I played the Playstation 3 much more, why?, i had many more games bought for it, more friends on it and it was my default, unlike 360 where i have some friends, about 3 games and i have to pay for live service and remember Money is ALWAYS a factor.., so now i find myself often thinking if it matters, i have nothing against people who prefer 360 over PS3, Its not a big deal for me, but just recently something strange and really stupid happened while i was visiting my local gamestop to check out some new stuff

This one guy who works there knows how i am, i come in, buy a playstation game, walk out, simple right? just being a customer, well on my trip to pick up Modnation racers i wait behind the counter as this guy rings up the game and glares at me, didn't expect much from it until he said "You know you're a pretty big playstation fanboy", i laughed because i figured that was an interesting way to strike up a conversation, only to find out he was being serious...

He didn't laugh at all and went on by saying "You're the only guy who buys playstation games around here, its annoying" ..annoying?, i suddenly think that seems kind of strange to tell some one whos buying games from your store, the place you work, that they find it annoying your buying a game for a certain machine annoying, so the whole 'serious' flag was raised and i just laughed and tried my hardest to move the subject by saying "sorry"..

"I Just think your wasting your money by buying these crap games, you should consider an xbox 360"... okay fine i see how it is, i just explain the game is only for playstation, only to be stopped and told "This game is crap, every game you buy is crap" ..Angered? no, Some-what semi-surprised?, yeah, so i pay for my game and don't even bother to say anything back, i just don't see the point in making odd remarks towards customers who buy playstation stuff, if you don't want me to buy these things tell me not to come anymore.

I Told the gamestop manager about this and she was shocked, going as far as to giving me a discount on my next purchase, although i may just continue using my amazon prime benefits now and buy online, but yep, sorry for this being so long i just felt like writing about this i guess lol, anyways what do you guys think?

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dizzleK3829d ago

i would have told him to go f*ck himself, cancelled any preorders you had and made a phone call to the district manager. you shouldn't have given that store another dime.

theunleashed643829d ago

the same happend to me the other day swear to god thats why i don't go to gamestop anymore ignorant a**holes at gamestop can't keep dealing with that crap

kaveti66163829d ago

That's an unbelievable story.

Dramscus3829d ago

My jaw actually dropped.
Who's the fanboy there.
Obviously the guy who says games he's never played are crap just because their on one system.
What a jerk.

crapgamer3827d ago

At every Gamestop I've been to in Florida it's all heavy pro 360 employees and people. I remember the midnight MW2 launch and there were about 300 people there, 99% were for the 360 version. I think serious gamers tend to go with the 360 and more casual gamers who play offline go with the PS3. It's just my opinion.