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Accountability for Sega?

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Not sure if there is such a thing on paper but I feel as though there should be one.  As I read articles and comparisons on Bayonetta, the rage that consumed me during the Orange Box days crept out of its abyss.  I really had thought we would be past the days where archaic development tools were the cause of botched port jobs.  Are we really past that point?  If we were, would we see what in many people believe to be a bad 'port'?

Now I do credit Sega for taking the responsibility to share this game with PS3 owners.  With this responsibility comes another one.  The responsibility of the publisher/developer to deliver on its goods.  25 seconds to load a level.  10 seconds to load a cutscene.  5 seconds to open the menu.  3 seconds to pick up an item (got this from a Joystiq article).  Sega in 'consideration' to patch to address long load times.  That was back in November.  No patch yet to address these issues.  A patch will not address this issue nor a patch will be created.  It really is beyond my comprehension that the producers/directors of this game at Sega would find 3 seconds to pick up an item is 'acceptable'!  This is where my credit to Sega ends.

One of the biggest selling points to a developer is the PS3 hard drive and it wasn't even used.  In the words of Kevin Butler, "Oh Come On".  Now, I understand that negatives of mandatory installs but I would be willing to bet that 99.99% of all PS3 gamer that wants to play this game wouldn't mind it at all.  If a mandatory install brings down the load time for a level, I'm all for it.  I would happily make, eat, digest, and crap out a sandwich while the game loads to disk.

PS3 gamers, why did you buy this game?  Why validate Sega's stance on this port?  Instead of making the effort to buy this game, the gamer should have written, emailed, called Sega to DEMAND better.

Accountability for Sega but not Platinum Games.  You ask why?  Sega took the ownership of porting this game.  Not Platinum.  Sega had the deal with Platinum for publishing rights for this game.  You would think that they would take care of these guys financially to ensure that all platforms are on or close to par.

This is a phenomenal game.  It should have been treated as such.  The PS3 only gamer should have been treated as such.

TheBand1t4992d ago

I'm not about to hate on Sega over one botched port because:

A. I'm a Sega fanboy at heart

B. They've given us alot of other games that are just phenemonal. (Valkyria chronicles, etc)

blu_yu_away4992d ago (Edited 4992d ago )

Overall I would agree. While I personally had no interest in this game after playing the demo (xbox version mind you), there is no reason for shoddy ports like this to still exist this late into the consoles' life cycle. I agree that platinum games is not to blame. They set out to fufill their vision and make the best game they could. If they felt that their vision could be fulfilled best using the 360 hardware I can understand and respect that. With the amount of pleased reviewers and consumers it looks like they accomplished their goal, on the 360 at least. I would guess Infinite Games did not want to over complicate things for themselves considering this was their first game on either system

Now I can respect Sega's goal of bringing the game to as many people as possible, if that is the case. Unfortunately, it looks as though they were more interested in capitalizing on the title and making more money rather than delivering a quality port. There were clearly issues with the port and even Sega admitted it. Like you suggested a mandatory install could have helped. I've never had any problems with installs on my PS3 and, in fact, when gaming on my 360 I install all games. Alternatively, Sega could have delayed the ps3 version of the game to continue work. Yes, it would have sucked for PS3 only owners itching to get their hands on the game but it could have ensured a port that was on par. Now I am not saying that Sega hates PS3, prefers 360 or doesn't care about PS3 owners because games like Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza 3 shows otherwise. But it is the fact that those games exist that makes the quality of the Bayonetta port even more unacceptable.

DelbertGrady4992d ago

Or perhaps Sony doesn't give third party devs enough SDK support? No one seems to take that into the equation.

reintype4991d ago

I know you're an XBOX fanboy, but you can't be that dumb.

Sony is giving developers, the Edge toolset and Phyre Graphics Engine. All for free! Even the guys from Naughty Dog are offering their technical assistance and expertise to those developing for the PS3. You can't get more SDK support than that.

Next time, think first before making a comment that exposes your stupidity, or better yet don't even make one :D

I think when Sega contracted Platinum Games to make Bayonetta. The latter was supposed to develop both versions of the game. Due to some unforeseen reasons/problems late in the development of Bayonetta, Platinum could not deliver on its promise and Sega was forced to do the port themselves.

Time bears a huge factor on the PS3 port of Bayonetta, or rather the not enough of it. That is why the PS3 version, lacks polish and optimization compared to its 360 brethren. But rather than delay the launch and face the onslaught of bigger Named Games coming later, Sega decided to stick to its schedule and released both simultaneously.

To support this theory, take a look at this:
It says, Bayonetta was in development for 3 years. If both version were done concurrently, none of the problems facing the PS3 version, would have existed. If it did, there would certainly be enough time to iron it out. Hell, if Naughty Dog could make Uncharted 2 in less than 2 years, then any game company out there could make a competent port, if they were given enough time.

I think this is more about Platinum Games, swallowing more than they could chew, rather than Sega's functional albeit inferior late-port-job.

DelbertGrady4991d ago

Its all speculation really. None of us have talked to the devs so we really don't know.

Instead of calling me stupid, ask yourself this question, what would the devs/publishers gain from making the PS3 version inferior? Wouldn't they want both to be as identical as possible to secure more profit?

"Sony is giving developers, the Edge toolset and Phyre Graphics Engine. All for free! Even the guys from Naughty Dog are offering their technical assistance and expertise to those developing for the PS3. You can't get more SDK support than that."

They give their first party studios a lot of support. Naughty Dog helped out Santa Monica, another first party studio, not third party. MS also offer XNA for free, and I believe they give third party devs more tehcnical assistance as well. Either that or the 360 is much easier to get power out of.

reintype4991d ago (Edited 4991d ago )

"Instead of calling me stupid, ask yourself this question, what would the devs/publishers gain from making the PS3 version inferior? Wouldn't they want both to be as identical as possible to secure more profit?"

That's the Ideal situation, but not even the best of intentions, could make it a certainty. In this case, it's the mismanagement on Sega's part and misjudgement on Platinum's. Though both are equally culpable, I'll chalk this up to Platinum for deciding to use the 360 as lead, when it should be the other way around.

MS also offer XNA for free- That's MS SDK support? LOL

XNA is the development tools for XBLIG. Though you can download it for free, you still have to pay for it, if you want it on the Market Place. Here read:
or here

Sorry, but better luck next time XP

Cajun Chicken4991d ago

I don't blame Sega on this. I blame Platinum games, because the stance of making the 360 the lead platform didn't make any sense, especially with the fact how the 360 isn't that popular in their homeland. I guess this might have been the plan really, sell more 360s in Japan with Bayonetta.

Anyway, I'm not bothered by this game all that much not my type of game, never really liked Devil May Cry, jumped on the hack and slash bandwagon when GoW came out as I really like the story and art design in that series.

Sega forgiven; Platinum Games not. Just for the fact of re instilling the 'crappy port on PS3 urban legend' that was originally eliminated in 2007 even though, this time, much like the Orange Box in the past, the port wasn't done by the original developers but the publishers.

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